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A Custom Dress For Christmas

First off- Merry Christmas to one and all! We’ve had such a busy (not to mention sparkly) holiday season here at RAOP, and though we’re looking forward to a bit of rest we’re definitely going to miss all of the glittery fun we’ve been having!

My final pastel Christmas post comes in the form of one last holiday outfit featuring a very special dress. Last September I teamed up with a local company called Pastel Dress Party, and together we designed and created a custom dress! Originally launched and marketed as an affordable alternative for bridesmaids, PDP has a massive number of styles to choose from, and if you have any specific requests they’re happy to customize details. I even received fabric swatches in the mail so I could accurately choose my colour and feel the texture before committing.

I wore the final product (based on the “Jamie” with a few minor alterations) to my cousin’s wedding in the summer, but it turned out to be perfect for the holiday season as well- with some extra sparkle added of course!









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