Dear Diary

A New Chapter

Those of you who follow me closely know that I’ve been going through a lot of big changes lately, and even though I’ve been trying really hard to keep my head above the water, things have obviously been slipping a bit around here. Today I wanted to share some details about what’s been going on.

Things surrounding my breakup have gone from great to good, to bad to worse, and I’m having a super tough time adjusting to not being close with someone who has meant, and still means so much to me. I’ve been trying to sell my car and a ton of my furniture, attempting to find a new apartment, and more, all the while getting used to doing everything I used to do with a partner alone. But this post isn’t about that, not really anyway… it’s about a big amazing positive new change, and I hope you will all be as excited as I am about it. I have a new job!

Blogging full time for the past year and a half has been the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding adventure I’ve ever embarked on, but right now the instability just doesn’t fit with everything else I’m going through.  Financial survival is almost impossible at times on a blogger budget, even with ads on your site, and working from home alone all day every day can leave a girl feeling so lonely that she starts to question her sanity. With all of this in mind, I’ve decided to continue blogging (don’t worry, RAOP isn’t going anywhere), but also take on a new full time job at my favourite tea company, Sloane Tea!


I’ve been a huge fan of Sloane ever since I first came across their incredibly beautiful teas at Kitten and The Bear. I reached out to them about a month ago asking if they’d be interested in taking me on as their social media manager, and after a series of heartwarming meetings and inspiring brainstorming sessions, they decided to offer me a full time position. Of course I immediately (very enthusiastically) accepted!

As I’m sure you already know, I always follow my heart, and I couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter. Sloane is an incredible local company with beautiful philosophies and so much passion for tea, and I truly think together we make a perfect team. We both believe in everyday beauty, affordable luxuries, and the magical ritual of drinking tea, and spending time in their warehouse this week has left me steeped in inspiration and excitement for what’s to come. I hope you’ll follow my tea adventures on their various accounts, or at least pop in on Instagram to say hello once and awhile.

Again, don’t worry! I plan on pouring more of myself in RAOP than ever, though posting may become slightly less regular/often. I have a ton of great projects in the works, including a a super fun apartment makeover (start checking the hashtag #pastelpalaceproject soon!) and some exciting collaborations I’ll be announcing soon.

Your love and support continues to help keep me and my sparkle magic going every single day, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a wonderful band of unicorns behind me, especially heading into this new chapter.


  • Congrats! I’ve never had tea from Sloane (I’m from Calgary and live in England) but even I follow their Instagram because their products are so attractive! I would love a shop like that here in Brighton.

  • oh wow that is SO cool i wish i could work with tea <3congrats lady!!!!! even though they are canadian (i hate int. shipping) i will totally check them out sometime! xo

  • Congrats! I love that you took the initiative to approach them and create a new position. This is super inspirational – especially for people our age looking for a job.

    Since you’ve announced this, I’ve started following Sloane on Instagram. I’ve tried their tea before and I thought it was delicious. Looking forward to purchasing some more and giving it a try!

    Congrats again!

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