Dear Diary

A Trip to Nice in Toronto

Though it seems like a lifetime ago now, I was lucky enough to explore the South of France after my first year of university. My best friend and I packed our bags and travelled around Europe for over a month that summer, and though we saw so many amazing sights, the highlight for me by-far was Nice. A pastel land by the sea with floral flavours infused into almost everything you can imagine, I would’ve stayed forever if I could’ve, and I often daydream about taking an impromptu trip back.

Because I have such an attachment to “The California of Europe”, I was thrilled to hear that New York City’s beloved Maman would be opening up a location right here in Toronto. With lavender lattes and lavender blueberry loaves, it’s a little slice of Nice just a few blocks away from my office, and though vegan month has kept me from truly indulging, I’m totally hooked on the hot cocoa with almond milk! Have you popped by their adorable cafe yet?

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