Dear Diary

Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

Most of you may already know from my recent Instagram posts, but this week is my last week working full time at a creative agency. That’s right, I’ve quit my day job to spread pastel magic (and confetti) 24/7!

This decision has been a long time coming, but at the end of the day that didn’t make it any less scary or difficult. As spontaneous and dedicated to having fun as I am, there’s something truly unnerving about taking your career and your income 100% into your own hands and kissing the stability of traditional employment goodbye. Heading the social media department at DECK Agency over the past year has taught me so much, and I’ll genuinely miss running around to some of the best restaurants in the city styling shoots and snacking on croissant “props”. That said, this entire past year has felt like someone pressed the fast forward button on my life and it got stuck, so a few weeks ago I finally decided it was officially time to slow down and focus on what I really love- adding colour and sparkle to every day!

And now for a bit of real talk: you may have noticed I’ve been featuring a lot more sponsored content on my blog and social media recently. As wonderful as it would be to simply do what you love and not worry about money, unfortunately rent and bills still exist in my pastel world, and to be totally honest you may see a few more posts labelled #ad or #sponsored mixed into regular programming moving forward. All I can do is promise you guys I’m very selective and careful about who I partner with and what I’m promoting, and that I do my absolute best to only take on natural fits and brands I actually stand behind. I also solemnly swear to always disclose when something I’m sharing has been paid for- this isn’t something that’s well regulated legally here in Canada (in fact most Canadian bloggers don’t do it), but I firmly believe in being as honest on my blog as I am in my actual life.

I’ve been thinking about jumping into this big pink pool that is running my own business for years, and I can’t wait to finally put some of my daydreams into action. I’ve already got some crazy exciting projects lined up over the next couple of months (hello pastel Christmas), and I’m so thrilled that I’ll get to spend my days making my goals happen instead of wistfully daydreaming about them from behind a desk. This Friday I’ll be jumping off the diving board directly into the deep end, no water wings in sight, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride to see if I sink or swim!

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions, or if you think you might be interested in working together! We also might be in the market for an intern in the new year (specifically someone with photo editing and design skills), so if that happens to pique your interest give us a shout with your resume, some work examples, and a bit about yourself!

Image by Emmy Jones via. Design Love Fest


  • You totally got this girl! So excited to see what’s coming!

  • Hi Alyssa – Just wanted to drop a line and say I’ve been following RAOP for quite some time now (shortly after I discovered your posts on XOVain a couple years back), and so much appreciate the sweetness, optimism, and beauty of your work. I look forward to your every post here – I always come away smiling and feeling refreshed.

    Wishing you much good luck with your career transition, and thank you again for what you do!

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