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Jump For My Love

I have a bad habit of spending my weekends working nonstop since I started a 9-5 office job during the week, but I always try to put aside a bit of time for something extra special. Last weekend, that meant Mogo’s “Get the Shot” event.

Presented by my girls Kastor and Pollux, and hosted by local blogger Christian Thompson, this afternoon event was one of those dreamy moments where all my favourite things came together: friends, pizza, photography, and Skyzone! With the help of photographers Othello and Neva we learned how to get the best “in motion” shots, which basically involved jumping around like crazy people for a few hours in front of the camera. I can’t say I’ve really mastered the jumping skills like some of my peers (backflips were involved), but getting bounced around in a trampoline park was certainly a welcome break from my busy weekend.

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