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Pastel Christmas Par-Tea: Mini Festive Scone Canapés

It will still be a few weeks before we’re able to share all of the images from our glittery Pastel Christmas Par-Tea shoot, but in the meantime we’ll be sharing some of our favourite DIY’s and recipes so you end up with everything you need to host your own pastel holiday soiree. Sounds fun right? We thought so too!

No matter what time of year it is, a party isn’t a party without fancy food, and there’s no one better in the city at delicious bites than Kitten and The Bear. Makers of seasonal artisan jam, fresh buttermilk scones, and all sorts of other tasty delights, we teamed up to plan the Pastel Christmas Par-Tea together. Sophie and Bobby took over all of the savoury items for the shoot, and these mini-scone canapés were a truly drool-worthy addition to the menu. Created with handmade cheese from Salt Spring Island, festive Pear & Mulled Wine jam and mini scones from Kitten and The Bear’s shop, and topped with rosemary and rose petals, these bite-sized beauties are truly a show stopper at holiday parties.

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Ingredients //

Kitten and the Bear Ready to Bake mini Buttermilk Scones (available at the Kitten and The Bear cafe)

White Juliette Goat cheese from Salt Spring Island Cheese Company

Kitten and the Bear Pear and Mulled Wine Jam

Fresh Rosemary

Fresh baby rose petals (optional)

Recipe //

It’s fairly simple! Bake your frozen mini scones using the recipe on the package. When they’ve cooled fully, Cut each mini scone in half, then lay them flat on a serving platter and add a small piece of cheese to each side. Top with a generous dollop of jam, a sprig of rosemary, and fresh rose petals if you feel so inclined!



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