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Smarties Confetti Pink Popcorn

When it comes to movie night, we’re all about the snacks. After all, what good is a fun chick flick without some truly great snacks to laugh over? Why cry in Pride and Prejudice if you can’t catch your tears with a bowl of ice cream?

When Smarties posed Team RAOP the question “How do you Smarties”, the answer was obvious- while we movie night of course! We got our colourful creative juices flowing in the kitchen, and in the end came up with a bright pink and purple Smarties confetti popcorn recipe that promises to make your movie night so much more FUN!

Scroll down for our wild recipe!






Ingredients //

Unsalted plain Popcorn
Pink chocolate melting wafers (ours are from Bulk Barn)

Recipe //

1. First, pop your popcorn however you wish! Set aside in a large bowl.

2. In a double boiler, melt 1/4 of a cup of chocolate wafers, stirring frequently. Once the chocolate is liquid you can slowly add it to your popcorn bowl tossing as you go. Quickly while the chocolate is still hot add as many sprinkles and smarties as you like and toss again.

3. We used a pink and purple as our theme but the rainbow possibilities are endless!





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