Dear Diary

So not to get all fitness blog on you all of the sudden or anything, but lately I’ve been working out a lot more than I used to, and it feels so good! Last weekend was the Nike Women’s 15k here in Toronto, and though I’d been training for months I immediately felt horribly nervous when Monday rolled around. What if I got sick? What if I didn’t have it in me? What if all that work turned out to be for nothing? My heart was racing all week long.

In the end, I had one of the best weekends of my life. Nike was kind enough to host me and some of the other blogger types at the Trump Hotel, and they planned some fun activities for us like a brunch with Olympians, a speed run, and a shake out the day before the race. By the time I stood at the start line in the pouring rain, I was so excited and pumped up that I almost physically couldn’t wait to get going!

With dear friends by my side, we pushed our pace and stayed together as a group almost the whole way. The race itself was decked out with inspiring sayings, gospel singers, and even a runway with planes taking off! It was crazy inspiring, and as you can see in the pictures I pretty much had a smile stuck on my face from start to finish (there is a scary intense photo from the final stretch on the website, but I decided to leave that one out for obvious reasons).

My only issue? Deciding what challenge to take on next!



race_1286_photo_20003991 (1)