Dear Diary

At this point I can safely say it’s taken me far too long to get my act together and start this blog… or perhaps I was just waiting for all the right stars to align?

Regardless, here I am, and here you are, and what a great pleasure it is to finally meet you! I’m Alyssa, a recent journalism graduate and not so recent writer/editor (primarily at the lovely WORN Fashion Journal). I have a dog, two cats, and the largest tea collection you have ever seen. Together with my partner we share a lovely little home in Toronto with a big kitchen and a rooftop garden where I harvest my own fruits and veggies. A few of my favorite things include Frankie magazine, confetti cake, garden roses, Miranda July, and almost anything that sparkles.

This little slice of the big internet pie will serve up my daily ramblings, recipes, reviews, and who knows what else. I just adore surprises. May I ask, do you like glitter? Ballet slipper pink? Baking cakes from scratch? fresh cut flowers? If you answered yes to any of the above, stick around: I think we might just be friends already.

Photo via WORN Fashion Journal