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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of playing dress up with the Bicyclette team for their final look book shoot. We got all dolled up in lace and sequins, and played around with tinsel, balloons and champagne while rocking out to Taylor Swift. It was an inspiring and magical day, and I can’t wait to be a part of whatever Paige dreams up next!

Reposted from my dear friends at Bicyclette:

“She’s an explorer, a daydreamer, and never turns down an excuse to wear flowers in her hair. She believes in magic, likes the challenge in finding the perfect dress, and always mixes her favourite vintage tee with a dash of delicate sequins. There’s no problem a swipe of lipstick can’t fix, and she’s always up for a midnight adventure.”

Our final holiday lookbook, XO, Bicyclette’, is dedicated to all of our Bicyclette Girls who have made this adventure such a magical one. We wanted to capture the essence of our quintessential Bicyclette Girl, the dreamers with stars in their eyes and love in their hearts, and celebrate the end of this particular fairy tale. So with an abundance of star confetti, glittery balloons and party-perfect outfits that are begging to be taken for a spin on the dance floor, this one’s for everyone who has been along for the ride, thank you for inspiring us and making our dream a reality.








Photographer: Scarlet O’Neill
Hair/Makeup: Ashley Readings
Models: Emily, Ana and Alyssa
Assistant Stylists: Marjory McClean and Katelyn Comeau
Shoes: Heel Boy

Looking for more? XO, Bicyclette // Behind the Scenes

Oh so Pretty

My life has sort of been taken over by what I call “Mermaid Magic” lately, and I’m not even close to tired of it! Between Instagram, XO Vain, and this blog, I’ve been pretty much non-stop swooning over anything and everything sea-related, but I think my new collaborations with Bicyclette might be my favourite yet!

As you may already know, Paige and I drove for four hours last weekend to get the perfect mermaid lagoon photos, and we’re practically counting down the seconds until the photographer finishes sifting through the shots and editing. What you may not know though is before we’d even left for the trip we had already worked together on two super fun complementary projects: a pearl sunglasses DIY, and a mermaid beauty look with Ashley Readings.



Ashley is a super well known-makeup artist here in Toronto, and she’s worked on all sorts of shoots with Bicyclette in the past. As part of her “All Made Up” column, she teamed up with Paige and I to create a super ethereal shimmery mermaid look, and it turned out so pretty! By the time she was done with me I was ready to flip my fins and disappear under the waves to rejoin my mer-family!

To get all the details and the “how to” tips from Ashley, click through to her full post on the Bicyclette blog here.




Photography by Paige B.