Dress Up

Ainsley and I have known one another since high school in North Vancouver believe it or not, and I’ve loved watching her incredible career in photography blow up over the years. I’ve been eagerly waiting for a chance to collaborate on a shoot of some sort with her, so when she messaged me asking if I’d be up to work together during a short visit to Toronto a few months ago I jumped at the chance right away.

Ainsley specializes in bridal, but because I was fresh out of a really hard breakup and we didn’t have much time to put together a massive shoot, I suggested we go for something a little more stripped down. We agreed to get together in Paige from Bicyclette’s bedroom, dress up in favourites by For Love and Lemons from the shop, and shoot a bit of boudoir!

I’ve never done anything like this before, but at the time my confidence was at an all-time low, and I figured, why not prance around in my most beautiful underwear and feel good about myself? Seriously, though it was pretty nerve wracking at first, but I strongly believe every single person should try a shoot like this at least once in their lifetime. It was so inspiring and confidence-boosting to work with Ainsley (she’s both the nicest and babeliest girl you’ll ever meet), and the best part was I went into it knowing I was taking these photos just for me, not for a partner or admirer. It was liberating, exciting, and just so much fun!

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

View More: http://ainsleyrose.pass.us/alyssa

I already can’t wait to see what we come up with next time we find ourselves in the same city!

All photos by Ainsley Rose Photography. To book your own boudoir shoot you can reach Ainsley through this contact form

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of playing dress up with the Bicyclette team for their final look book shoot. We got all dolled up in lace and sequins, and played around with tinsel, balloons and champagne while rocking out to Taylor Swift. It was an inspiring and magical day, and I can’t wait to be a part of whatever Paige dreams up next!

Reposted from my dear friends at Bicyclette:

“She’s an explorer, a daydreamer, and never turns down an excuse to wear flowers in her hair. She believes in magic, likes the challenge in finding the perfect dress, and always mixes her favourite vintage tee with a dash of delicate sequins. There’s no problem a swipe of lipstick can’t fix, and she’s always up for a midnight adventure.”

Our final holiday lookbook, XO, Bicyclette’, is dedicated to all of our Bicyclette Girls who have made this adventure such a magical one. We wanted to capture the essence of our quintessential Bicyclette Girl, the dreamers with stars in their eyes and love in their hearts, and celebrate the end of this particular fairy tale. So with an abundance of star confetti, glittery balloons and party-perfect outfits that are begging to be taken for a spin on the dance floor, this one’s for everyone who has been along for the ride, thank you for inspiring us and making our dream a reality.








Photographer: Scarlet O’Neill
Hair/Makeup: Ashley Readings
Models: Emily, Ana and Alyssa
Assistant Stylists: Marjory McClean and Katelyn Comeau
Shoes: Heel Boy

Looking for more? XO, Bicyclette // Behind the Scenes

Dress Up

Winter is in full swing, the holiday season is upon us, and Paige and I’s California trip feels like a distant memory, but luckily we took so many pictures on the trip that we still have a few posts left to share before fully committing exclusively to winter weather and holiday posts.

Today’s outfit post takes us back to Venice Beach, one of our favourite neighbourhoods in LA. On our way to shop the adorable independent boutiques along Abbott Kinney blvd we stopped in front of a massive bush covered in pink flowers to take a few outfit snaps featuring some of the pieces we’d picked up on our buying adventures. The sun was setting, the air smelled sweet, and winter parkas were so far from our minds that they seemed like fiction. As the snow falls outside in Toronto today, we can’t help but daydream about bare legs, sandals, and those perfect California sunsets.





Dress Up

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you don’t have a costume yet you might be in a full-on state of panic right? Luckily we’ve got all sorts of simple last-minute costume ideas lined up, and the best part? Pretty much everything you need can be found at Bicyclette, and can be worn again!

Last Thursday in the studio Paige and I decided to play dress up with new items from the shop, and together we came up with some pretty adorable Halloween looks perfect for whatever this weekend has to offer. Our favourites are:




A halloween classic, our take on witchy style is much more chic than scary. We paired a long sleeved black lace dress with a big floppy felt hat and a pastel spider scarf. Just add some ankle booties and a broom and you’re good to go!

Funfetti Cake



This new cropped sprinkle sweater was just dying to be turned into a cake costume, and what better to pair it with than a big fluffy tulle skirt by Jordan de Ruiter? Finish this look off with ballet flats or your favourite pastel heels, and a home made candle headband fit for the prettiest of birthday cakes. For extra points, add some face paint sprinkles onto your cheeks too!




By far the most simple option on this list, it’s super easy to be a stylish kitty with this new cat ear toque from the shop. Pair it with a cat-inspired outfit (like this mod black and white shift dress + furry sweater combo) and tack on a tail, and you’re set! Just make sure to add some eyeliner whiskers to your makeup before you meow, purr and hiss the night away.





My personal favourite look, this idea came about the moment I saw this adorable skater dress on our buying trip in LA. Paired with glittery gold shoes and a simple popcorn headband (seriously, just glue popcorn onto a headband), this costume is original and oh so adorable. Carry around bags of popcorn to share if you’re looking to make new friends!

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Disneyland has always held a very special place in my heart. I grew up on the west coast, and my parents started taking me to Disney from a very young age. I quickly became so obsessed that I thought life wasn’t worth living without a yearly trip to Disneyland- I even had (and still do have) nightmares about being in California and being unable to get in the front gates. My love for Disneyland and the magic there eventually lead to one ridiculous outcome: I’ve been to Disneyland 15 times.

Now I know what you’re thinking: how am I not sick of the happiest place on earth yet? Honestly though, there’s just something so captivating about Disneyland, something so magical and lovely that I have yet to experience anywhere else in the world. The air smells like sugar, pastels reign, and every little detail has been meticulously created. They say that Walt Disney was the first UX designer, and while they built Disneyland in the early ’50s he lived in a private apartment within the park to make sure everything was being built according to his vision. The idea that one man created a place where dreams come true and fairytales come to life enchants and inspires me to no end, and when Paige and I booked our trip to the west coast a few weeks ago, I knew Disneyland was one place I absolutely needed to share with her.










Paige was as excited to visit Mickey and Minnie as I was, but there was one massive difference: Paige had never been to Disneyland ever before! Sure she’d been to Disney World in Florida plenty of times (which, for the record, is so not the same), but until our adventure she’d never set foot in the magical world of Disneyland, the original Disney theme park, the only park that Walt himself oversaw and managed. I was determined to show her the best of what Disneyland had to offer, and with the help of Christina Winkelmann from Ban.do (a local and fellow Disney devotee), we compiled the perfect little checklist, put on our silver sequin mouse ears, and walked through the gates.

As expected, our day was full of magic, glitter, and a few unexpected screams of joy/terror on the scarier rides. We shared our first ever Dole whip, bought rare chunks of pumpkin fudge (available only in October, this stuff tastes just like pumpkin pie!), and snacked on pretzels shaped like Mickey Mouse heads. We ran around the castle, spun super fast in teacups way too many times, and clutched hands in horror on the Tower of Terror.










It was a truly special day spent spent with one of my favourite people in my absolute favourite place, and as I unpacked my suitcase yesterday and hung up my mouse ears I swear I saw some pixie dust sprinkle out into my bedroom.