Dear DiaryParty Time

And just like that, three years have flown by since I decided my world needed to get a lot more colourful. Random Acts of Pastel was never meant to be a business powerhouse or a super brand – it has always been about fun, happiness, and love. Over the past three years the world I exist within has changed drastically in almost every way imaginable, but my baseline stays the same. I do what I love, because I love to do it, and my main goal isn’t to sell you guys things or create awesome advertising – it’s to make as many people as I can smile every single day. I hope that message hasn’t been lost in translation, and I thank each and every one of you for supporting me and following along as RAOP grows from a funny idea to a dreamy lifestyle. Without you, I wouldn’t be here, and I am so incredibly grateful to have the privilege to do what I do.

Every year team RAOP celebrates with a cake. Year one I was the only “staff”, so I made little mini ombre layer cakes. Year two Johanna had come aboard to start helping out, so we loaded up on donuts and made a donut cake (which we later devoured between the two of us!). This year the RAOP family has grown even more to include Jo as my right hand, our new intern Olivia, our awesome agency Shine Influencers, plus endless clients, friends, and helpers (including my bf Josh, who I’ve proclaimed head of video and tech support) who all come together to make this sparkly dream world of mine a reality. The conclusion? We needed a much bigger cake!





Luckily Marble Slab came to the rescue just in time for our long weekend + Pride weekend third birthday. We have a lot to celebrate today, so we loaded up a mint chocolate chip heart-shaped cake with sprinkles and fizzy cotton candy bits for the occasion. We figured there was no better time than this epic day filled with reasons to party to share our #MarbleSlabMoments– and guess what? Even though it’s our birthday, we have a sweet gift for you too!

I’m giving away three $25 gift cards from @marbleslabcan on Instagram! Share a photo of a special moment you love to celebrate in life on Instagram and tag #marbleslabmoments by July 10th 2016 to be entered to win!