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I’ve been to macaron shops all over the world, in fact I seldom travel without finding a way to hunt at least one down wherever I go. Though I’ve had more than enough delicious experiences in my travels, nothing fully compares to the luxury and wonder of Ladurée, especially the classic locations in France itself.

The first time I visited a real life Ladurée it was in New York, and after that I was able to stop by one of the oldest locations in Paris. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I hopped on the train to Cannes (almost exclusively to visit the Ladurée there) a few weeks ago during the #RAOPnicetrip, but as per usual, this amazing French patisserie lived up to its legacy.

I think my favourite part about this location was the quietness- for once there was no insane line of people fighting over macarons and ribbon colours. It was so calm in the shop that I was actually able to admire all the gorgeous details, like the hand painted cloud ceiling and golden chandeliers. And don’t forget the treats of course! With seasonal macaron flavours like cherry blossom, Marie-Antoinette tea, and melon in the case, I didn’t stand a chance!











Dress by Evernew, vintage hat, Sandals via Cartel, sunnies by Illesteva via. ZANE