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Welcome back weekenders! You may have noticed we took a little break from the #pastelcraftclub series last week, but we’re oh so happy to be back just in time for the impending seasonal shift. That’s right – cozy Fall DIY’s are coming soon, and we thought it was only fitting to do a roundup of some of our favourite summer 2016 projects as a farewell to the sunshine.

From fruity furniture to hand-labelled panties, we think this list has something for everyone, and we highly encourage you to try all 6 projects if you feel inspired…

See you in two weeks for some brand new pastel DIY fun!

1. Day of the Week Panties by Studio DIY //

This project is a bit more complex than we’re used to, but the results are way worth it. Who else grew up obsessed with their day of the week panty packs?

2. Five Minute Chic Bento Box by Sugar and Cloth //

There’s nothing better than a perfectly packed lunch, and these bento boxes are so charming and SO easy to make that we simply couldn’t resist falling for them.

3. 3 Tiered Copper Planter by A Bubbly Life //

We can’t get enough of greenery right now. Plants everywhere please! This staircase-like planter stand is a simple yet elegant way to showcase your favourite potted plants, plus it’s super affordable to make.


4. Fruit Shelves by A Bubbly Life //

Feeling fruity? Us too! Why would you even bother having a normal shelf in your home when you can have one that looks like a fruit slice?! Total no brainer.

5. Romantic Bath Salts by Glitter Guide //

Floral baths are a year-round indulgence that we simply can’t live without, and this concoction is the perfect way to instantly up your bath time game (plus they make a great gift!)

6. Word Embroidery by A Pair and a Spare //

Clothing is getting wordy this season, and we’re all about it. We sense a serious embroidery addiction coming on… Collars? Jeans? Socks? The possibilities are limitless!

Imagery by Paige, words by Alyssa.

Get Creative

Festival season is here, and you know what that means? It’s time for flower crowns to shine! A fresh bouquet of flowers on your kitchen table can bring life to an entire household, but there’s something extra special about donning fresh seasonal florals on your head. The sweet scent that drifts around your head as the summer day drifts lazily into a starry summer night- there’s just nothing quite like it.

When it comes to flower crowns fresh or faux, there’s no one quite as wonderfully talented as Shelley, aka Lady Hayes. Momma of the cutest little Toronto family you ever did see, Lady Hayes has become a go-to for weddings and festival fashion alike, and Paige & I never grow tired of swooning over her flawless work.

When dreaming up the concept for the #pastelcraftclub series Shelley immediately came to mind, but considering she had just given birth to her second adorable baby girl we assumed she’d need a lot of time before she’d be ready to participate. As luck would have it, we assumed wrong.

Shelley invited us into her beautiful space and showed us step-by-step how to work ordinary fresh blooms into a floral crown fit for a queen, all with two babies running around and cups of imaginary tea in her hand. It was a little bit like living within a Disney movie, and we were half expecting little birds to swoop down and tie the ribbons when the crown was all done!

Scroll down for the full DIY




You’ll Need //

Fresh Flowers
Stem Wire
Floral Wire
Floral Tape

Notes: When picking flowers I like to choose a variety. My typical shop includes… Leafy greens, small filler (like wax flowers, baby breath etc), small blooms and large blooms.

Step 1 //

Wrap one piece of stem wire with floral tape. Bend each end to create a loop and secure with floral tape.

Step 2 //

Now the fun part! Create what I like to call a baby bouquet! Snip a piece of your greens, add a piece of filler, and a smaller bloom. The stems should be about 2 inches in length. Bundle them together and hold the stems along your pre-taped stem wire. Secure with a 5 inch piece of tape wrapping tightly along the wire and stems. Continue building a variety of baby bouquets along your stem wire until you get 3/4 of the way down. Mix up your selections as you go to.

Step 3 //

Once you get to the 3/4 mark on your wire stop. Turn your wire around and begin building along the opposite end. Keep going until you have about a 1.5 inch space between both ends.





Step 4 //

Choose a larger bloom and snip off stem leaving 1/8 inch of stem. This will be the fuller side of the crown. Take an 8 inch piece of floral wire and pierce through the base of the bloom pulling it all the way through. Pull the wire until both ends are equal in length. Fit the bloom into the 1.5 inch space and secure the flower by wrapping the floral wire around the stem wire.

Step 5 //

Cut two pieces of ribbon 1 metre in length. Take one piece of ribbon and thread through the loop of your stem wire. Pull through until both ends are equal in length and tie a knot. Repeat.

Step 6 //

Now bend your crown to create an arc and hold against your head near your hairline. Secure on your head by tying a bow with your ribbon.

Step 7 //

Go be awesome!










Get CreativeParty Time

They say “April showers bring May flowers” but we think showers, flowers and soirées in general should be in abundance always!

Paige and I dreamed up this peachy party bar shoot with the idea that anyone could add one (or all three) of these simple DIY spreads to their bridal shower, baby shower, or summer party setup. They’re the perfect way to add some colour to your party, whatever you’re celebrating! All you need is a lacy tablecloth, fresh flowers, and a few really simple, easy to find props.

Here’s how we created our three Summer Soirée Bars:







One // DIY Flower Bar

Who doesn’t like to leave an event with a handful of beautiful fresh flowers? This bar instantly adds a fun DIY element to your party that anyone can do with ease, and it will make your celebration smell extra sweet to boot!

To stock this “bar” you’ll need:

A variety of fresh cut flowers
Multiple pairs of scissors
Pre-cut ribbon
Craft paper squares (we used tissue, but either works!)
Pretty jars of water
Fresh flowers of course! Pre-cut stems to a similar strength to save guests time and save mess






Two // DIY Mimosa Bar

Throwing a brunch or lunchtime gathering? A mimosa bar is a great ice breaker (no pun intended), and with the right juice choices it can really add some fun pops of colour to your decor. Don’t forget to get creative with garnishes and add-ins!

To stock this “bar” you’ll need:

3 types of juice (we used Guava, Peach & Orange)
A variety of fruits, citrus and herbs as garnish (we recommend mint, thyme, rosemary, grapefruit, berries, edible flowers etc)
Floral water or fun syrups (optional)
Paper Straws






Bar Three // DIY Treat Box Bar

If you’re the baking type we invite you to get creative in the kitchen whipping up some specialty treats for your guests to snack on or take home to enjoy later. If you don’t consider yourself to be culinarily talented, don’t fret- we just placed a special order with Petit Nuage and cut up some fresh organic fruit instead!

To stock this “bar” you’ll need:

Sweet treats (we picked up ours from Petit Nuage, a lovely little shop in Toronto)
Treat boxes (ask the shop for extra, or pick up your own from a craft shop)
Fresh Fruit
Ribbons and tags to label your treats

Originally published on Hooray Magazine’s blog here.

Sips, Sweets & Snacks

Are you ready for more #pastelcraftclub? Good, because this week we have something pretty extra special in order.

Our dear friend Sophie, aka the jam genius behind Kitten and the Bear, is sharing an Apricot Rose Jam recipe with us featuring all of her top secret tips and tricks for making the perfect confiture. Paige and I have both been swooning over Kitten and the Bear since the very day they opened their shop doors, and we can pretty much promise you’ve never tasted jam quite this good before. Everything Sophie and her marvellous husband Bobby touch truly turns to gold, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be able to share a special recipe from their shop of wonders.

Just make sure you don’t forget their secret ingredient: LOVE!

Scroll down to get started on the recipe






Ingredients //

5 lb apricots of any variety, pit removed (we used small yellow Pattersons, about 45-50 apricots)
2 lb sugar
4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 2 lemons worth)
A small handful of food-grade dried rose petals

Equipment (suggested):
Traditional Mauviel copper confiture pan (available by special order through Kitten and the Bear) or wide double-bottomed stainless steel pot
Home canning kit

Method //

Day 1

Wash, then slice your apricots in half and remove the stone from the center. We left our apricots in halves, but if you have larger, firmer fruit, you can cut once again in half to make 4 cubes.

Add the apricots, sugar, and freshly squeezed lemon juice to a non-reactive mixing bowl, toss thoroughly, and cover.

Allow to sit in the refrigerator overnight.

Day 2

Line a clean baking sheet with clean, dry jam jars, and put into a 250 F oven.
Transfer your apricot mixture into a traditional copper jam pan, or wide stainless steel pot (do not use aluminum, as it will give your jam a dull colour, metallic flavour, and make it difficult for your jam to set).

Heat on high heat, scraping the bottom of the pan every couple minutes to avoid hot spots.
Your jam will come up to a boil and begin to foam. Continue to cook, manipulating the burner heat to be at the highest heat possible without your jam boiling over. The goal with all French style jam making is to have the highest possible heat, the most amount of evaporation, and the shortest time on the stovetop. This results in a brightly coloured preserve with a fresh, fruit forward flavour. Thus, this stage of cooking should only take approximately 20 minutes, depending on your pot choice and stovetop.

The foam will begin to fall, and you will notice that the fruit has started to get soft, puffy, and has begun to break down.

Continue to cook, scraping the bottom of your pot every couple minutes to avoid scorching, however not so often that you don’t allow to jam to come up to temperature and cook on its own.

You will notice that the jam looks more homogenous, and the bubbles are now smaller, and more evenly distributed over the surface of the jam. As your jam gets closer to being done, you may have to reduce your heat slightly or stir slightly more often.

To test for doneness, turn off the heat and scoop a representative sample of jam with a metal teaspoon. Place the spoon in the freezer for approximately 3 minutes, keeping the pot of jam off the heat in the meanwhile. After 3 minutes, gently nudge the preserve with your finger to check the texture, and tip your spoon and see if it runs. You can also push the pot of jam, which has now cooled ever so slightly, with a spoon or spatula to see if a skin has formed. When you lift your spatula out of the jam, it should “sheet” rather than “drip”.








If you feel as though your jam should still be thicker, cook for another 5 minutes and test the jam again. If it is done, skim off any remaining foam and stir in your dried rose petals, adding a little bit at a time to be appetizing and aesthetically appealing.
Remove your jars from the oven, and replace with your caps (set a timer for 10 minutes). Using two heat-safe pitchers, scoop a pitcher full of jam out of your pot with one, and pour directly into the other. Then, use this pitcher to portion out your jam into your sanitary jars. I highly recommend purchasing a standard home canning kit such as this one, as a canning funnel and ruler makes this a lot easier.

Fill each jam to ¼” of headroom, or the first notch of your headroom gauge. Wet a clean sheet of paper towel with hot water, and ensure there isn’t a single speck on jam on the rim or in the threading of your jars.

Your caps can stay in the oven during this entire process, however ensure that they have been in the oven for *at least* 10 minutes. Cap all of your jars according to the directions for your specific style of jar (mason or lug), and return to the oven for exactly 10 minutes.

Remove your jars from the oven carefully, space an inch or two apart, and allow to sit undisturbed for 24 hours to ensure a perfect set.

Enjoy! This jam will keep up to 1 year sealed in your pantry (out of direct sunlight), or 3-6 months open in your fridge.

Get creative! Apricot jams pair perfectly with a number of fun flavour embellishments. Some of my favourites are vanilla bean, amaretto, lavender, rose, kirsh, citrus zest (orange, lemon, tangerine), warm spices (cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, anise, nutmeg), brandy, ginger, and saffron. Any spirits, petals, floral waters, zests, extracts and herbs should be added at the very end of cooking, while dried spices (ground or whole) should be added at the beginning to allow for a thorough infusion.





For more Kitten and the Bear goodness be sure to stop into their jam shop in Parkdale, or order online!

Get Creative

This post is brought to you by BEHR®. Colour that’s True to Hue. via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of BEHR.

I’ve mentioned my lack of craftiness many times in the past, but until now I’ve failed to mention where my biggest weakness lies: painting. I am crazy impatient, as in, if I want something, I want it RIGHT NOW. This works in my favour in many different situations that I come across, but painting projects are not one of them.

I love adding colour to my space in any way possible, but when it comes to painting my walls I really avoid it at all costs. I really hate filling, priming, and waiting for layers to dry, and with all the many coats of paint it usually takes to cover one wall, I often just can’t justify the time a project will take.

As part of my #RAOPSpringClean, I’m trying to deal with a bunch of home improvement projects that have been nagging me since Jo and I moved into #ThePastelPalace last November. This daunting list includes sprucing up our bathroom situation, investing in a new vacuum to get control over all the pet hair, doing a pastel patio makeover, and painting some smaller details around the house fun colours- starting with my closet doors.

I’m blessed to have not one but TWO massive closets in my bedroom, but for some reason the doors are just all wrong. Not only do they not match the walls, but they also don’t match each other, and don’t even get me started on the boring black metal handles. As soon as I settled into my bedroom it became clear the closet doors definitely needed a magical makeover, and what better time than Spring to get it done?

To make this project a bit more quick and easy I went with BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Paint & Primer- not only does this stuff cover in one-coat** in over 1,000 hues (so many pinks!) but you can also use their ColourSmart by BEHR® App to save time and energy planning out your projects. Basically this app lets you test out colours in different rooms, plots how much paint you’ll need for the space you’re covering, and you can use the camera feature to colour match items in your space! With adorable paint names like “Lucky Clover”, “Apricot Freeze” and “Fresh Watermelon” we had a lot of fun “colour-sourcing” The Pastel Palace before heading to The Home Depot® (where it’s exclusively sold) to examine real life swatches.

We ended up going with “Stolen Kiss” for the closet doors, a delicate shade of delicate milky ballet pink that would fit nicely with the rest of my bedroom decor. With one quick layer they were totally covered, and a switch from boring black knobs to the prettiest Anthropologie pink glass hardware really completed the project!

Maybe painting isn’t so bad after all- what should we colour up next?!

DSC_0012 copy









Find your true hue with ColourSmart by BEHR®

Want to try out test some of the adorable colours yourself? Leave a comment* below sharing which BEHR MARQUEE colour you want to use in your house for a chance to win a $100 gift card to The Home Depot. Choose your colour from here!


*Open to Canada only, excludes Quebec. Giveaway ends on Friday June 17, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST. Prize is (1) $100 The Home Depot Gift Card. The winner will be selected by and notified by email via Mode Media and will have 48 hours to reply back before a new winner is selected. Mode Media will contact the sponsor regarding your prize(s). The sponsors, in most cases, are shipping their items to you directly. Please allow 6 weeks for your prize to arrive. If you have not received it after the 6 week mark, please contact Mode Media. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are in no way associated with this giveaway. Void where prohibited. Mode Media has the right to terminate giveaway at any time. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to Mode Media. They will not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner. Void where prohibited.

**Limitations apply. One-coat hide excludes ULTRA PURE WHITE®, colours outside of the MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Colour Collection and all other colours that have not been selected as one-coat hide from other BEHR palettes. Not valid when painting over uncoated, porous or repaired interior surfaces; over woods that contain tannins such as redwood or cedar; or when painting over heavy stains, which may require spot priming, multiple coats, and/or longer dry time.