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When I first started to dream up Johanna and I’s trip, I was pretty torn on where we should go. We’ve daydreamed about Mexico city, the South of France and New York, and since Jo hasn’t had the chance to travel much it was a tough call deciding where to take her first. In the end, Southern California took the cake, because, well, Disneyland.







I’ve mentioned my total undying love for Disneyland before, but I think it bears repeating: there is no place on earth like the original Disneyland Park. This year’s visit brought my total number up to 16, and it was just as dreamy as the sunny days I remember from my childhood. We stayed from open to close, running from ride to ride and devouring Mickey-shaped pretzels (well, Mickey shaped everything actually.) We even got to wear special custom-made ears from House of Mouse!

Some of our favourite stops included:

-It’s a Small World
-Space Mountain
-Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar (it’s worth the trek to the Disneyland Hotel)
-Candy Palace
-Tiki Juice Bar (aka. Dole Whip!)
-Mad Tea Party





DSC_0005 2








What do you love best about Disneyland?!

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It’s no secret I love sugar, and I always joke that my main cost when travelling is the amount I spend on special sweet treats. Seriously, I will explore a city completely based on bakeries and chocolate shops, determined to try every sweet creation I can, no matter how unbelievably full I am at the time.

Bottega Louie in Downtown LA is my ultimate undoing, and I’ve been dreaming of the pastel shelves and marble details since my last visit a few years ago. Perhaps that’s why we pencilled in lunch just after we’d finished booking our flights with Expedia.ca– we knew Bottega Louie was the first place we wanted to be when we touched down.

Last time my stop in Downtown LA was pretty rushed, but this time around I made sure Johanna and I had lots of time to eat, explore, and shop (I also bumped up my Bottega Louie “souvenir budget”… which I very quickly exceeded regardless.) In the bistro we feasted on portabello fries and berry lemonade, and in the market portion we swooned over cakes and delicate gold-flecked macarons. With Amina from Studio Mucci at our side to guide us through the treats (she lives nearby), it was truly the perfect first afternoon in LA.















Dress Up

I’m always up for any excuse to get dressed up, especially when a theme is involved, so when we found ourselves staying in The Standard Hotel just around the corner from one of the most famous hot pinks walls in the world, I knew a Valentine’s outfit post was necessary.

Very. Valentines.

I put together my “look of love” with vintage pink sunnies, a two piece coordinate set from Hottiewood, gold pumps from H+M, and some lovely props from my gal pals at Ban.do. With the help of the amazing pink wall and a dash of California sunshine, I ended up with the perfect Vday date night ensemble (even though in reality I’ll likely be at home eating cake with my roommate in sweatpants tomorrow.)











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And just like that, we’re officially off to California- in fact, if you’re reading this we’re probably already halfway there!

Booking the trip with Expedia.ca a month ago was a breeze, (they bundled our car, hotel, and flight for one crazy price) but ever since things have been a bit chaotic here at The Pastel Palace as we scrambled to wrap up creative projects, organize pet sitters and get our nails done (it’s an essential prep step!) When it came to the final countdown, we left the hardest part of the trip till last- packing!

I like to pride myself on being a really good packer, but even I had a tough go this time around. Travelling from cold Toronto to warm LA is complicated as it is, but factor in outfits for photoshoots and the cold seaside nights and it’s easy to go overboard with the suitcases.

After a bit of trial and error, and some harsh cut backs, we finally got it together.

Scroll down for our tips for perfect pastel packing:



Keep it Simple // There’s no need to bring three curling irons and four different kinds of deodorant. You’re not on vacation to hide in the bathroom prepping for hours at a time, so streamline your routine and go have some fun!

Cut What You Can // I once read never to pack anything for vacation that you haven’t worn in the past few months, and though climate changes come into play I generally agree with this statement. If you don’t wear it at home you likely won’t wear it on vacation!

Save Space // It’s pretty much inevitable that no matter where you go you’ll end up with a handful of treasures to cart back. Save space so nothing gets left behind, or pack an extra collapsible bag just in case.

Back to Basics // Layering and basics are the key to smart packing. Keep patterns and heavy materials to a minimum, and layer up with light favourites instead whenever possible.

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2015 has been a year of so many incredible events and magical moments, but the one thing missing was my annual trip to California. Growing up in Vancouver we’d road trip to LA or San Francisco almost every winter, but when I moved to Toronto that drive became a lot less doable. I’ve still managed to make it out almost yearly, but 2015 was just too busy and I never quite found the time.

Luckily, team RAOP is taking off February 1st to make up for the gap!

Thanks to the folks over at Expedia.ca, Johanna and I just booked a week-long vacay to the land of palm trees and pastels. Jo has never been to California, so of course we’ll be exploring all of my favourite places (like the Madonna Inn and Disneyland!) I used Expedia to book us flights, a snazzy convertible, and 3 different colourful hotels, and now all that’s left to do is daydream and plan our escape!

These next two months are sure to feel *very* long, so I’m sharing some of my very favourite Cali-based accounts in the meantime. I honestly can’t wait to be basking in the sun with all of these babes in 2016!


Bon Puf // It doesn’t get much sweeter than this amazing cotton candy dream girl!


Jen Gotch + Ban.do // These ladies really define the word fun.


Studio Mucci // A magical tassel factory in downtown LA? Yes Please!


Designlovefest // Featuring amazing LA spots, products, and oh so much colour goodness.


Christina Winkelmann // Also part of the Ban.do squad (aka. Girl Gang), but her recent epic wedding adventures have earned her a separate mention on my list because I couldn’t stop swooning every time I checked her account!


Yummertime // The cutest pastel couple in the entire world. Period.

Header photo by a non-Cali favourite, @brightbazaar

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