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The last time Johanna and I visited Montreal, we really felt like we’d seen it all. Practically running from cafe to cafe, we discovered so much more than we had ever planned to, and our guide list when we returned home proved to be pretty expansive.

But believe it or not, there’s more.

My week in Montreal with my best friend from Vancouver was a truly magical experience. It helped me get back on my feet and make some scary life changes (more on that in the coming weeks), but it was also just a really fun time! We stayed in the gorgeous William Grey Hotel, and literally ate our way across the city. By the time the trip had ended I was shocked to find I had a whole new list of additions to my original pastel city guide.

Here are some of our favourite picks, plus a few we spotted but didn’t get the chance to enjoy:

Rooney // All thing minimalist and luxe.

Away Spa // Best pedicures of our lives! There are heated beds… it’s incredible.

Mlle Catherine // Located across from our hotel, this tiny pink gem was the perfect place to grab a coffee and girl talk.

Le Petit Dep // A gorgeous little general store in the heart of Old Montreal, perfect for all the gift shopping you could ever desire.

Cafe Olympico // Hands down the world’s best hot cocoa. THE BEST. There’s also some great “eye candy” if you know what I mean.









Ristorante Beatrice // We didn’t make it to this one, but it looks like total paradise in the warmer summer months.

Bird Bar // Vegan popcorn chicken! Need I say more?

Beige // All things cozy, homey and shiny.

September Surf // A little slice of California surf shop in Griffintown

Annex Vintage // The holy grail of patches, pins, and general flair!

Deux Lions Jewellery // A great little nook of clothing and accessories.

Vertuose // An Epic plant shop that gave me the amazing idea to stick pom poms on cacti!

Vertu Bar Sante // Healthy, delicious, and pastel – this is our kind of juice bar.