Get CreativeParty Time

It’s been a long time since Paige and I have gathered the time and energy to put on another #getsocialworkshop, and in all honesty we were a bit nervous this time around. We were working with a new space, a lot of new sponsors, and both of us have shifted our focus so vastly over the past couple of years we didn’t really know what to expect.

But for the third time, we were so pleasantly surprised with how it all came together.

The workshop this time around was packed, despite having expanded to a larger space, and everyone came from totally different backgrounds, which made the range of information we had to discuss so much more dynamic. Over incredible pink waffle breakfast sandwiches from Burger Pawty, fresh blooms by Wild North Flowers, and hot tea from Teapigs, attendees spread out around the space, snapping photos on coloured backdrops with glittery fun props. I think it’s safe to say that even when time was up, no one was really ready to go back to reality and head home!

Paige and I feel so incredibly lucky to have the chance to take part in such an inspiring and creative community, and it’s days like this past Sunday that really remind us why we do what we do. Thanks so much to everyone who joined us!











Special thanks to our incredible sponsors //

Burger Pawty
Wild North Flowers
Cake Beauty
Flow Water
I Love Puffy Love Marshmallows
Fancy Pufs
Richer Poorer
Bite Beauty
Nude Bee Honey
Rosehound Apparel

Sips, Sweets & Snacks

And just like that, a new year is upon us. I can’t honestly say 2015 has been my best year, but it’s definitely been 365 days of massive change, unfathomable surprises, the highest high-highs and some pretty dismal lows. I guess to sum things up, it’s been a year of change, and though I’m thankful for so many of the amazing experiences and opportunities I’ve had, I have to admit I’m really excited to start fresh in 2016.

So let’s grab a cocktail and cheers to new beginnings in the new year!

Because 2016 is going to be so awesome, Johanna and I wanted to whip up an equally awesome NYE cocktail to ring in the new year, RAOP style. We received the sweetest holiday package filled with glittery organic cotton candy from our pal Fancy Pufs just before Christmas, and it turns out fairy floss goes remarkably well with our favourite NYE essential, pink champagne. Top it off with a splash of Dillon’s Rose Gin and tinsel stirrers, and you’ve got yourself the prettiest New Year’s cheers!

scroll down for the recipe…





Ingredients //

Fancy Pufs Cotton Candy (pink preferred!)
Pink Champagne
Dillon’s Rose Gin
A classic bar set (Ours is from Cocktail Emporium)

Recipe //

Fill each glass with cotton candy (as much as you can fit!)

Pour two shots of rose gin and approx. 1 cup of champagne into a cocktail shaker. Stir gently.

Pour the mixture over each glass of cotton candy and watch as the sugar dissolves into the champagne (it’s more fun than you think…)

Top off each glass with extra cotton candy and champagne until full, then add a stir stick of your choice- we just glued bits of tinsel onto paper straws!

Cheers to 2016




Dress Up

No one can argue that pink is the happiest colour, and these days Paige and I just can‘t get enough! We wanted to turn our rose-coloured daydreams into a magical world we could touch and feel, and what better way than an all pink everything photoshoot? We gathered some of our favourite pink props and wardrobe pieces, and got to work building our dreamed up world. Complete with organic, cotton candy spun on-site by Fancy Pufs, everything came together in the most perfectly pink way.

Now if only we could live in these photos forever!














Styling and direction by Alyssa Garrison and Paige Boersma
Photography by Jason Matos
Cotton candy provided by Fancy Pufs
Models: Meghan Young, Michelle Digirolomo, Zoe Badley, Johanna Martin