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With the Spring Equinox almost upon us and the weather still cold as ever, Jo and I have been feeling a little drained. The days always feel too short, I was sick for quite some time with a kidney infection (OW) and we’re both in the process of moving, which is exhausting all on its own.

We couldn’t have asked for a better time to attend Hunt and Gather’s workshop with Witch in the Wild.

Let’s face it, a bad day (or month in this case) is no match for fresh blooms, self care products, and a touch of crystal magic. This two-part girl gang workshop started with an awesome lesson on blending your own organic, vegan, crystal-infused floral toner. The medicinal meets mystical with this simple DIY, and I loved how fun it was to make, even for a terrible crafter like me.

Part two was taken over by Tellie, one of my favourite florists, and owner of the brand new Hunt and Gather (go there and buy ALL the plants – you won’t regret it). Faced with amber jars and buckets of fresh flowers, we got to arranging our own divine bouquets to take home and treasure.

Topped with tea, treats, and a healthy dose of girl power, this evening event was exactly what Jo and I needed to recharge and power up. See you at the next workshop?











Get Creative

Those of you who follow me know how much I love florals and flower arranging, and who better to give a lesson on the RAOP blog than local magic-maker Becky of Blush and Bloom? I’ve been a huge fan of her work for ages now, and it was so amazing to finally get the chance to work together on the #PastelXmasPartea shoot last month. I was so impressed by the whimsical floral designs she created for the set that I begged her to share some of her pastel magic wisdom, and that’s how this centrepiece arrangement tutorial came to be!

Scroll down for full instructions




Supplies //

-A vessel (preferably silver or gold)
-Pastel blooms and festive greenery
-Clear or green florist tape
-Florist pruners or secateurs

Instructions //

1. Choose your vase or ceramic container

2. pick your flowers. Try to have assorted types of foliages, at least a few stems of a big, fluffy bloom, a few filler varieties all in whatever palette you prefer. Obviously we would have PASTEL BLOOMS!

3. Create a grid with clear or green florist tape across the top of the vase, allowing the tape to come down over the sides to keep it secure. We did 3x rows each way. Fill with water, nice and full!

4. Start by adding foliages ( we chose dusty miller) and other greenery to fill some of the holes in the grid, forming a base to hold up your flowers.

5. Begin with the biggest bloom that will be in the middle, or focal point of your creation. Make sure to keep this variety in prime real estate!

6. Slowly begin filling up the space surrounding the large, fluffy blooms with your filler flowers. We chose spray roses and garden roses, and a few ranunculus. Your arrangement should be getting full and the stems should not be wobbly! If they are, create more stability with foliage or more flowers.

7. Remember when building to cut stems on an angle with florist pruners or secateurs, and make sure you get them into water within 5x seconds, so think fast!

8. Lastly, look over your arrangement from above, below and all angles to make sure there are no holes or negative gaps/spaces that should have product, or conceal any tape that might be exposed. Remove any damaged petals or leaves, and take that arrangement to the table!

9. Be sure to fill with water daily over the sink to ensure all flowers are getting enough water.

10. ENJOY your new creation!



Get Creative

Throughout the holidays and beyond I firmly believe in the motto “put some glitter on it.” Everything’s better with a bit of sparkle, from hairstyles to place settings to home decor, and I’m always looking for new ways to bedazzle and bejewel. My most recent creation? Glitter Dipped Mason Jars!

I originally dreamed up these beauties to use as vases for a “You’re a Gem” themed event I styled with Birchbox a few months back, and the response was so great that I figured I’d share my method with the masses so everyone can make their masons glittery and magical. Incredibly simple and oh-so-pretty, this DIY is perfect for adding a bit of festive feeling to vases, trinket jars, or whatever other glass object your heart desires. The best part? When paired with fresh blooms these make the perfect holiday hostess gifts!

Supplies //

Mason Jars
PVA glue
Glitter dish big enough to fit the bottom of the jar
Glue dish (same size)





Method //

1. Mix up some glitter in a dish – we used all different sizes and shapes of silver.

2. Mix your PVA glue in another dish and add a tiny bit of water to thin it out.

3. Paint a fairly thick even layer onto the bottom edges of the jars (avoid the very bottom where it sits on tables).

4. Roll the bottom of the jar around in the glitter until evening distributed. (TIP: the larger the glue ‘peaks’ the better it will pick up larger sized glitter).

5. Sit on cardboard and allow to fully dry before filling with flowers, fresh-baked sugar cookies, etc!




Originally Published on the Hooray Magazine Blog