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How many of you have been watching the new Netflix series GIRLBOSS?

I hinted a bit way back, but long before the show aired this Spring I actually got to step into “Sophia’s World” with Netflix. Remember when I went to LA last August with all sorts of other girl bosses from around the globe? We were secretly exploring the sets, ogling the wardrobe department, and chatting up Sophia Amoruso herself – I just had to keep everything under wraps until the show was out!

So, after almost a year of zipped lips, I’m publishing this post – complete with a list of the best vintage spots in LA from the Girlboss styling team, and a video clip from a one-on-one I did with Sophia at the backlot! This trip was so many special things to me: my first ever “blogger trip”, the first time I got to explore Hollywood behind the scenes, my first time interviewing someone I admire on camera (eek)… the list goes on and on. So much more goes into bringing a story to life than I had ever imagined – the team was essentially creating an entire world, and it’s been a trip to say the least to see the spaces we explored back then and the props we held on the big (or small depending on your Netflix setup) screen. We hung out in Sophia’s TV show apartment and saw how each look she wears on the show came together, from idea to sketch to shopping and final fitting/styling. We talked at great lengths about how the head of the wardrobe department came to find Sophia’s signature metallic leather jacket.

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At the time I was facing a lot of big, tough questions about my life, my business and where I wanted it to go, and the time spent amongst so many strong, independent women was so crucial to the moves I’d make in the months to come. It’s what prompted me to run away to LA for the winter, to grow my business and take on new challenges… plus the conversation that I had with Sophia (conveniently recorded below) pushed me to re-examine and eventually flush out some of the relationships in my life that were taking more than they were giving. I don’t want to be dramatic, but looking back that week was nothing short of life-changing.

The Best Vintage Spots in LA, as dictated by the GIRLBOSS team and Sophia //

A current affair
Rose bowl
Jet rag
The bearded Beacle
Dorothy’s closet

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I'll Follow You Anywhere

It’s hard to even know where to start with this post, because honestly the whole LA experience was so magical I have a hard time believing any of it was real. Sorry in advance if this reads like a fairytale, but that’s just how it really was!

When Netflix asked me to join the roster of bloggers they’d chosen from all over the world for a adventure in LA there wasn’t even a moment of hesitation. A week later I was on a plane to the land of palm trees and surfing, totally unable to fathom what lay ahead. I checked into the Line Hotel (an amazing building with the best pool, a gorgeous greenhouse-like eatery, and a flawless juice selection at the coffee bar!) and from that moment on everything was a blur of magical girl power madness.

I laughed hysterically as a live studio audience member on the Chelsea show. I stood at the end of a gigantic wooden backlot rainbow. I did a one on one interview with original . I sat at a table that ordered one of everything on the menu, and then ordered MORE. And that list, that doesn’t even begin to cover it. By the end of the three days of Netflix adventures I walked away with 15 new friends located all over the face of the planet, a really cool , and so much inspiration that my heart hurt.

It. was. Incredible.

I decided to stick around my favourite city for a few extra days, so mid-week I switched from the hotel to my friend Dana’s house and went exploring on my own. I’ve been to LA over 22 times before (what can I say, I always have and always will adore that place), but this time something was different. I felt so at home, and I covered so much ground so quickly just out of pure excitement. From Venice Beach to Silverlake, I went just about everywhere, and though a lot of the places I went to were clearly marked on a map of favourites from my past visits, I came across a whole bunch of unexpected wonderful things too.

I don’t even know how to conclude this. I ate the best vegan food of my life EVERY day, I had drinks with PETA employees and bonded over their Sea World protest stories, I helped rescue a kitten with an Uber driver and I spent a morning by the sea reading my favourite book of all time without a trace of loneliness. I felt truly alive, and so crazy inspired that I literally haven’t stopped moving since my plane landed in Toronto last week.

I love you Los Angeles, I really do. Until next time…

Scroll down for my favourite finds, and my list of perfect photo stops!




















Photo Spot Scavenger Hunt //

Some of LA’s most popular photo spots have become really overpopulated since my last visit, so I kept my eye out for less conventional spots over the course of my trip and made a list to share! If you hunt down one of these locations make sure you tag #RAOPphotospot so I can congratulate you!

Department of water and power  (i don’t know which location, but it was many shades of pink!)
Trashy lingerie
Building behind flywheel
100 market street
Westminster garage
HD supplies

New Favourites //

Olive & June
Nasty gal
Alfred Tea
Moon Juice Melrose Place
Cafe Gratitude
Butcher’s Daughter Venice

Places I Still Didn’t Get To //

Milk jar cookies
Blu dot
Cotton hi
Big D’s Burgers

Keep your eyes peeled for my follow up post about the show coming soon to Netflix, plus my interview with Sophia and a list of her favourite LA Vintage shops!

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