Get Creative

Happy Hallo-weekend! Are all your costumes ready to go? Have you stocked up on candy? Are you looking for a spooky (or sweet) craft?

Well, we don’t have any tricks, but we do have a special Halloween treat for the #PastelCraftClub this week. We teamed up with Michelle from Big Ass Piñata to bring you the sweetest little pastel Candy Corn Miñata (aka mini piñata) ever. The best part? It’s so simple to make it’s almost like casting a magic spell!

Michelle is a master of tissue and cardboard, and we’ve been constantly impressed by her piñata magic for months, so it was really wonderful to watch her get down to work in the studio. Turns out with the right supplies and a strong vision piñata making isn’t as scary as we thought it would be! Are you ready to impress your costume party guests with the sweetest candy decor?

Scroll down for Michelle’s full DIY instructions!





Mini Candycorn Piñatas

1. Start with a fun, cute idea for your mini piñata. Today we are making pastel candycorn!

2. Grab a pencil and draw the shape for your mini piñata onto a piece of thin cardboard. If the cardboard is too thick, it will be difficult to cut later.

3. Cut out the shape using scissors or an xacto knife. Trace your shape and cut again, so you have a front and back for your mini. Finally, cut a long, thin strip of cardboard to wrap around the whole shape of your mini.

4. Using masking tape, begin assembling your mini piñata by wrapping the long strip of cardboard around your shape and taping edges to the back of your mini. Once you have taped the back and sides of your mini, you can place the front on top and tape down. I call this the “ice cream sandwich” method!

5. Use your xacto knife or scissors to cut create a little door for your candy! You can make a pull tab that can be used to open it later or simply cut a flap into the side of your mini.

6. Time to decorate! Grab some tissue paper (I like to use streamers!) And use your scissors to cut and create a fringe effect.

7. Using glue or a glue stick, begin attaching your fringe at the base of your mini and layering upwards until you have covered your piece. If you cover your little candy door, that’s ok!

8. Surprise a friend with your mini piñata and have them pull the tab to release the surprise inside. Is it candy? Chocolate? Jewelry ? Who knows!




Happy Halloween!