Dress Up

No one can argue that pink is the happiest colour, and these days Paige and I just can‘t get enough! We wanted to turn our rose-coloured daydreams into a magical world we could touch and feel, and what better way than an all pink everything photoshoot? We gathered some of our favourite pink props and wardrobe pieces, and got to work building our dreamed up world. Complete with organic, cotton candy spun on-site by Fancy Pufs, everything came together in the most perfectly pink way.

Now if only we could live in these photos forever!














Styling and direction by Alyssa Garrison and Paige Boersma
Photography by Jason Matos
Cotton candy provided by Fancy Pufs
Models: Meghan Young, Michelle Digirolomo, Zoe Badley, Johanna Martin


Dear Diary

In case you haven’t already noticed, Paige and I have a lot in common. We both love pink and sequins, ride pastel coloured bikes and dream of fairytale endings. One similarity you might now know about though is our adorable matching pups! Though we each got our dogs completely independent of one another, both Nico and Honey are the cutest shade of golden cinnamon, and we love taking them along on our adventures whenever possible.

One of the most fun parts about having a dog (other than all of the love and cuddles of course!) is shopping for cute pup-stuff, and over the past little while Paige and I have been talking about sharing some of our favourite finds here on our blogs. From leashes and collars to adorable treats, we’ve compiled quite the list, and of course we couldn’t share it without some mega-cute dog modelling photos too!





HOUND Collection // Handcrafted right here in Toronto, it doesn’t get much more classy than HOUND. With real gold plated hardware, these collar/leash combos are super stylish, and their silky bandanas in modern prints are crazy cute too!

Timmie Doggie Outfitters // A great shop for grooming, winter apparel, and adorable seasonal dog cookies, Timmie has super friendly staff and after you go once your dog is sure to pull you in again and again.

BarkBox // A monthly subscription box just for your pup! It’s pretty much the most fun way to try out new toys and products, and it will give your dog a whole new reason to chase the mailman!

Found My Animal // A dog accessory company with a cause, Found is all about the “adopt don’t shop” movement, and they frequently donate to rescue organizations and shelters and post about dogs in need of homes on social media.

Stick and Brindle // Locally hand-crafted dog treats? Yes please! Stick and Brindle whips up the cutest creations, like dog macarons and fortune cookies, and you can even order custom colour combinations!

Baublebar Pets // As if making the sparkliest statement jewelry on the market wasn’t enough, Baublebar now sells jewel-covered pet collars too!



Photos by Jason Matos

Dear Diary

As you may or may not already know, Paige and I are a few weeks into training for the Nike Women’s 15k in June alongside our team, the Rainbow Run Club! It’s been such a fun and inspiring journey so far, and seeing everyone come together every week to sweat it out has been the most wonderful experience. There really is strength in numbers, and we’re both so thankful for all the fun activities and training exercises that Nike has put together for us, and for the incredible group of women on our team.

Since we’ve been at it for a few weeks, we figured it was time for an update (accompanied by a very pink, rainbow-filled photo shoot of course!) Paige and I each have had very different experiences with running, so we thought it might be helpful if we both shared a bit about where we’re coming from, and what has been working for us so far.





Paige //

This past week, our third week of training, was the most difficult for me so far. I had a stressful week that took it’s toll on me emotionally, and unfortunately I saw that carry over into my training as well. I felt drained and defeated, my motivation was lacking, and my energy levels just weren’t where I needed them to be. This all made it really hard to fit in those extra runs and training sessions and push myself in the way that I need to, which of course is frustrating in itself. Training for the 15k is a challenge for me, and because it’s outside of my comfort zone and an entirely new experience, I’m learning that it’s incredibly important to stay positive and motivated throughout this journey. It can be so hard to get caught up in that negative spiral when it feels like your body just isn’t performing in the way that you need it to – not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally – but you can’t be too hard on yourself, just taking it one day at a time.

Though I was really hoping to push myself with distance this week, it ended up being more about increasing and maintaining my speed on the shorter runs. The group runs really help me to do that and have become essential in my weekly training routine, and this week I’m planning on running the 8k option on Wednesday night to push myself a little more outside my comfort zone and increase my distance. I’ve mentioned it in previous weeks, but I really do feel as though so much of this is psychological, and it’s so important to have your head in the right place. The outside classes – whether they’re NTC, ballet-inspired, pilates or otherwise – have also become an important way to balance out my week and challenge myself in different ways while building up my overall strength.

I’ve been focused on eating a balanced diet, incorporating more fresh and whole foods into my meals and cutting out sugar and dairy as much as possible. That means a lot more meal planning on a weekly basis, and setting aside the time to cook at home and get creative in the kitchen. I have a number of recipes that are go-tos, but I’ve also been trying to expand my repertoire and try out new options, which I’ve really been enjoying. I always find it hardest when I’m the busiest and don’t have time to do a proper grocery shop or cook a meal at home, and snacking can be my downfall during those times, so that’s what I’ve been especially set on.






Alyssa //

I’ve always found running really natural, and I often feel like I can run forever at the same pace, so for me this two months of training is more about speed, strength, and motivation. I know I can run 15km, but how fast can I run it, and can I complete the race (and all the training that comes with it beforehand) without injuring myself or burning out?

To work on my strength-related weaknesses, I’ve been doing a lot of fun cross training like NTC (the app is amazing), and workouts at amazing studios around the city with my Classpass, like Big Hit Studio’s Kickboxing, and ballet at The Extension Room.

My biggest adjustment though has been my nutrition. I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life, and a vegan off an on over the past six years, but I’ve never really truly mastered feeding myself properly. My sugar and empty-calorie filled diet has really been taking a toll on me since I started working out almost daily, and it became clear that I needed to make some changes.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve started taking vitamins, adding Vega coconut almond protein powder to my morning smoothies, and really taking into account what nutrients I’m ingesting on a daily basis. I’m also working really hard on being properly hydrated at all times, which means fun flavoured water like Ghost Pee is one of my new favourite things. The change in my energy level has been drastic, and I’m looking forward to sharing my favourite recipes and power snack suggestions soon!

As far as motivation goes, I always find that the more tumultuous my emotions, the better I run. For me, exercise has always been so therapeutic, the only thing that calms my mind, and I’m always channeling my emotions into power when I work out. To take things up a notch, I always listen to music- it helps me stay focused and direct my feelings from the day into pushing myself even harder and faster.

Just a heads up: Paige and I already have an ultimate workout playlist to share in the works!



Photos by Jason Matos

Party Time

A collaboration post with Sloane Fine Tea Merchants and Bicyclette

As fun as it can be to get all dressed up and head out for a night on the town New Year’s Eve, we often forget the importance of celebrating the new year on New Year’s Day itself. One of the few moments in an entire year where everything is closed and one can truly relax, New Year’s Day is the perfect opportunity to gather friends and loved ones together to celebrate and make resolutions in style.

In fact, we think the best solution might just be a sparkly New Year’s brunch!

Whether you’re strapping on some glittery heels for a night of dancing and champagne NYE, or staying in with family and Chinese food to watch the ball drop, a New Year’s Brunch the next morning is exactly what you’ll be craving by the time midnight rolls around. Keep it intimate with a few of your bff’s, or welcome 2015 with the whole neighbourhood and a potluck-style feast. As long as there is pancakes, hot tea, and sparkle involved, we can almost guarantee your guests will be pleased.

It didn’t take much to get our brunch setup ready, especially with the help of homemade party supplies from Lampshade Bash. We strung up some simple banners, added glittery drink tags to our champagne glasses, and threw down a sequin tablecloth littered with confetti for good measure.








When it came to food and drink, we wanted to offer more than just champagne, so we turned to our favourite local tea company and created a chic and simple loose leaf tea bar with some of their tastiest blends! All you need to replicate this set up is a few tins of tea, cute spoons, teacups, and sachets or strainers for steeping.

Keeping with the tea theme, we also infused our cake-like pancake tower with Sloane’s Rouge Provence herbal tea, a recipe they’ll be sharing very soon on their blog! Depending on the size of your party, you could also include a donut mountain, breakfast cookie platter, fruit skewers, or any other shareable brunch snacks you can dream up.

Of course we also included a bottle of champagne on the table for good measure, though it could easily be swapped out for sparkling pink lemonade if you’d rather keep your spread alcohol free but still include a toast or two!

Because beauty is in the details, we added a few special touches to our setup to complete the look. Celebratory bouquets bursting with blooms were a must, and on each place setting we included sparklers and notecards for guests to write down their resolutions and make a special wish.












No matter how you choose to ring in the New Year, we wish you all a sparkly night and a cozy inspiring morning filled with confetti, party hats, and midnight kisses!

Photos by Jason Matos

Decor supplied by Lampshade Bash

Oh so Pretty

As you probably know, us Bicyclette girls love all things summer. We love picnics and beach days, sandals and bikinis, and most of all, we love hot pink nails and lips paired with a perfect California girl tan.

But as much as I love soaking up the rays, its become undeniable that baking on the beach isn’t actually healthy at all. Skin cancer rates are at an all time high, and though I love the look of a dark toasty tan, I also really want to stay safe and take care of myself too.






When the owner of Saul’s Beauty Shop, a cute local spot just minutes from Bicyclette, invited me to try out spray tan, I jumped at the opportunity. Just the words “spray tan” usually bring visions of orange celebs to my head, but Saul’s promised a totally natural look, and it seemed like a great alternative to skin damage and tan lines.

The service itself was a totally wonderful experience. Saul’s is clean and super cute with an amazing, friendly staff, a great selection of all-natural take home products, and excellent music to boot. The spray tan was a bit awkward at first (as being naked in front of total strangers can often be), but it sort of felt like I was doing yoga in a cloud of tropical scented mist. Oh, and the formula itself is sugar based! How sweet is that?







Post Spray Tan Essentials

Exfoliator // A great exfoliator can really help break up lines and blend darker spots post spray tan. We recommend Whish’s coconut milk exfoliating body wash, a product specifically formulated for tanning and spray tans that smells like a tropical vacation (available at Saul’s!)

Moisturizer // Give your new tan a boost with a shimmery moisturizer or body butter. Saul’s recommends Pacifica’s Coconut Crushed Pearl body lotion to give your skin that extra sparkle.

A Sweet Scent // Spray tans can leave your skin smelling a bit off at first, so perfume can be a welcome smell the day after you spray. Library of Flowers’ solid perfume in “Honeycomb” is the perfect beach bag essential, and it smells so good!

Hints of Pink // Nothing goes with a summer glow like hints of pink. We especially love hot pink NYX matte lipstick and Ban.do hair accessories!

Sun Screen // Don’t forget to wear sunscreen just because you have a base tan! Sun damage occurs whether you’re tanned or not, so covering yourself in a high SPF tanning lotion for a day at the beach is still super important. Alba’s sun products are cruelty-free, water resistant, and infused with antioxidants and nourishing ingredients, which makes them a beach bag favourite!

For more spray tan details, check out Saul’s super handy online guide!

Photos by Jason Matos