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I’ve been to New York a number of times, but Johanna had somehow never made the short trek, so when we decided to go down together I knew it had to be an extra special visit. Instead of staying in a ritzy hotel we booked a room in a loft listed on AirBnb, and though we’re both somewhat terrified of strangers we decided it was worth the risk of being awkward all week for the amazing location and epic views.

Of course, it wasn’t awkward at all – it was perfect. We drank wine pretty consistently, woke up to sun streaming through the loft’s massive warehouse windows, and walked less than a block to stroll over the (surprisingly pink) Williamsburg bridge. We fell in love with little shops and restaurants all over Brooklyn, my favourite part of the city (and a part I didn’t get a chance to visit on my last trip). Every time we went for a walk to get coffee or a snack we ended up swooning all the way there and all the way back. It was a never ending parade of cute pastel everywhere we turned!

On top of all my usual favourite stops, like Cha Cha Matcha and Pietro Nolita, I wanted this trip to be more than average, so I reached out to some of my favourite NYC-based brands and makers to arrange a couple of “meetings”. To our delight, everyone we reached out to wrote right back, and though we were only in town for less than a week, we somehow ended up seeing so much more than we’d bargained for. Below we’ve listed some of our favourite “special stops” from the trip:

Scroll to the bottom for even more NYC shops, restaurants and more that caught our eye this time around!

Bing Bang //

If you like pearls, crystals, gold, rose gold… ok, pretty much any sparkly things, you’ll love Bing Bang. We’ve been big fans for ages, admiring their collaborations with Me & You and Ban.do from afar, and we figured why not stop in for a real life hello?

The studio space was so FUN – in an unassuming building in Chinatown it was loaded with glittering treasures, plants, and pink details. We tried on just about everything, inherited a few new pieces for our personal collections and about 100 feminist buttons to cover all of our jackets.








Chillhouse //

I met Cyndi, the founder of Chillhouse NYC way back in August on the GIRLBOSS trip with Netflix, back when the whole concept was just an idea she was developing. It has been truly amazing to watch Chillhouse come to life over social media, and I was super dedicated to seeing it IRL while I was in town.

Cyndi did us one better – Jo and I each got a set of amazing signature nail art from their look book, sipped pastel purple taro lattes, and I even slipped in for an “Express Focus” massage.

The whole morning was really, truly ~chill~, and everything from the epic drink list to the metallic pastel marble wallpaper left me feeling inspired and recharged.









Samantha Pleet //

If you ask Jo or I who our favourite designer is, we’ll almost always answer “Samantha Pleet” (often in unison). A few years back when I met Samantha at a Victoire event she mentioned I should visit her studio if I was ever back in NYC, and I made a silent vow to try and make it happen. Turns out she was just as serious as I was about the whole thing… a couple emails later and we were in Samantha’s house meeting her sweet baby Valentine, trying out her Mom’s homemade Kugel and playing dress up in all of the amazing clothing!

Strawberry prints embroidered with tiny green seeds, magnetic lemon accents on dress sleeves and ruffled denim shorts were just a handful of highlights from the “appointment” and don’t even get me started on the decor situation. Basically Samantha Pleet lives in a dreamworld, and we were so lucky to get to be a part of it, if only for a short while.





Glossier showroom
Malt & Mold
Outdoor Voices
Dusica Dusica
American Two Shot
The Frankie Shop


The Lucky Bee (for brunch!)
Jars by Dani
Black Flamingo
Butler Coffee
Doughnut Plant
Van Leeuwen Ice Cream
Roberta’s Pizza


Dream Dry

Dear Diary

I’ve been on a bit of a money-saving kick recently, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped believing in the importance of treating yourself.

When you’re going through a rough time or working extra hard it can be crucial to delight in the little things, whether that means indulging in a fancy bubble bath, getting your nails done, or splurging on that opal necklace you’ve been eyeing for months. I recently went through a rough spot myself, and I thought it might be nice to share some of my favourite ways to keep my chin up. Bonus? There’s a rose gold (my obsession of the moment) theme going on!

Turn a New Page // A good book can totally alter the course of your day, and though I’m busier and busier with every passing day, I always make time to read. Whether you’re dusting an old classic off from your bookshelf (I’m currently re-reading Wuthering Heights) or popping into your local bookshop for something new and exciting to dive into, you’re sure to find solace between the pages.

Press Play // It’s easy to escape with the right playlist, and I’m a big advocate of using music as therapy when things all get to be a bit too much. In the car, in bed, on my commute to work- if you see me, chances are I have headphones in! At the moment I’m listening to “Dark Age” by First Rate People, “Pop Songs” by DCF, and the new Selena Gomez album (of course!)


All That Glitters // Once upon a time back when I was in high school I had my eye on a special piece of jewelry from Tiffany’s. I put it on my Christmas list, to which my mom replied “Wait for a boyfriend to buy you that sort of thing!” These days I have a pretty strict policy against waiting for anyone for anything- nothing adds sparkle to my day quite like some actual sparkle, and I find it’s more satisfying to buy jewels for yourself anyway. My pick this season is a glittering diamond and rose gold beauty from Michael Hill, and I couldn’t be happier that I gifted it to me, from me.

Get Cozy // Nothing can measure the importance of candles and bubble bath in my life. Giving yourself a bit of time to slow down and unwind is so valuable, to the extreme that I won’t live in an apartment if it doesn’t have a tub moving forward!


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