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When I posted about Spring cleaning with my home made all-natural lavender lemon cleaner on Instagram a couple weeks ago, I was surprised at how many comments I received asking about it. Making all purpose cleaner is super affordable, more eco-friendly than most store bought formulas, and you can even use it to refill an old cleaner spray bottle that you’ve used up to minimize your impact even further. I like to make a big batch and fill mason jars with the extra cleaner for refills, or gift bottles to my friends. (scroll down for the recipe!)




All you really need to make this wonder product is white vinegar, borax powder, water, and essential oils. I use lavender and lemon in my cleaner to boost the anti-bacterial properties, and create a fresh and delicious smell, but you can use essential oils to create pretty much any scent you like (I’m thinking of trying mint next time!) Simply mix half a cup of vinegar with two teaspoons of Borax powder (available at most health food stores) and eight cups of water. Stir the ingredients until the borax is dissolved, then add about 6 drops of essential oil (depending on how strong you want the scent to be) to the mixture, and pour into an empty spray bottle.

That’s it! You can use this cleaner anywhere you’d like (I find it works especially well on mirrors and countertops). Let me know what scents you’re experimenting with if you give the recipe a try!




Photography by Brianne Burnell