Dear Diary

I’ve been alluding to this post on social media for a week now, and I think it’s about time I let you guys know what’s going on with me and my life right now. After three years of ups and downs, my little fairytale has come to an end. Emmett and I have decided to split up.

I’ve really struggled with how to share this news publicly, but since my blog is so personal, I thought it only made sense to explain why I’ve been a little off lately, and may continue to be for the next little while. I still love Em so much, and saying goodbye to this relationship has been unbelievably hard on both of us, but we both have a lot of things to figure out and it recently became clear that we’re just not going to be able to work them out without spending some time apart. I’m somewhere between the point of denial and the point when I can’t even think about it without crying, but I’m confident that in one way or another we’re going to stay close and connected. There’s still a lot of love between us and our little fur family, and I can’t imagine a future without Em- he’s my best friend.

I hope that all of you will stick around through this rough patch, even if my posts start to feature a lot more buckets of ice cream and Sex and the City. As cheesy as it sounds, your little comments and reposts help me get out of bed on days when everything hurts too much and all of the big changes happening around me leave me feeling paralyzed. Thank you for being glittery and awesome and tagging me in cute photos on Instagram: as I sift through and separate our belongings and start my search for a new place to call home, your kind words keep me feeling strong and remind me that my life is still magical and full of love.

Image credit: Love From Ginger