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We try to use up everything we buy for photoshoots in one way or another, so when we sliced up some dragonfruit for our hot pink Dragonfruit Margaritas, we figured why not turn the remainder of the fruit into something else the next morning? I’m all about smoothie bowls right now, so the answer was pretty clear.

While visiting LA Jo and I really fell in love with Moon Juice, a local company that makes smoothies, juices, magical tonics, tasty all-natural snacks, and more. We took home pretty much anything we were legally allowed to fly with, which means our cabinet is now stocked with improving dusts and tinctures that we aren’t actually all that sure how to use. Nutrient dense and specifically formulated to benefit different parts of your being, these concoctions are really fun to play around with, and proved to be a welcome addition to this pink breakfast creation.

Complete with mango, banana, berries, an acai superfruit pack, Moon Juice’s Mulberry Overnight Oats, and dragonfruit (of course), we promise this nutrient-dense morning smoothie bowl will make your day more magical!




Ingredients //
half a dragonfruit
handful of rainbow coconut (found at Bulk Barn)
1 tsp each Moon Juice beauty + heart dust
1/4 cup pineapple
1/4 cup mango
1/4 cup strawberries
2 bananas

Recipe //

In a high powered blender (we use a Vitamix) combine the smoothie pack with two bananas, about a half cup of dragonfruit and a splash of orange juice. Blend! Add a teaspoon (or more if you’d like) of Moon Juice Beauty and Heart dust. Blend!

Pour into bowls and top it off with just about anything. We used strawberries, pineapple, mango, rainbow coconut & Moon Juice overnight oats mix. Garnish with dragonfruit slices.




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Coming from the West Coast, I’ve been lucky to have been able to see a lot of California from a very young age. My family was constantly taking road trips down the coast in search of the sun when it seemed like the rain in Vancouver would never quit, and over the years I caught glimpses of San Diego, San Francisco, endless tiny surf towns, and so much more. There will always be a special place in my heart for Big Sur, for Beverly Hills, and of course for Anaheim (the home of Disneyland), but in the end my adult favourite has turned out to be Venice Beach.

There’s a certain degree of whimsy and magic to Venice Beach that’s hard to describe. Built to mirror Venice, Italy, canals with little boats run between beautiful pastel houses with cactus gardens in the front yard. On the main streets like Abbott Kinney stylish babes wander the streets with ice cream cones and overpriced sneakers, and down on the boardwalk surfers and skaters fill the massive sidewalk. It’s the perfect combination of relaxed and exciting, stylish and fun, and oh, there is so much colour around every corner!

Scroll down for our favourite spots…










Food and Drinks //

Salt & Straw
Sunny Spot
Moon Juice
The Butchers Daughter
Cafe Gratitude

Shopping //

Urbanic Paper
Ilan Dei
Bountiful (so many cake stands!)

*if you happen to visit on a Friday don’t miss the Farmer’s Market!





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I’ve been to L.A. a handful of times, but for some reason I’d always skipped over Silverlake. Though I’ve heard so many good things over the past few years, I was just never able to fit in enough time to explore properly, and I didn’t really have a good handle on what was in the area to begin with.  This time around when Johanna and I booked our trip with and mapped out how we wanted to spend our precious days we we made sure to put a whole afternoon aside for Silverlake.

We were oh so glad we did.

Of all the places we visited in our five days in LA, Silverlake felt the most like home. The long sunny strip offered so many cute coffee shops and swoon-worthy boutiques that we quickly lost count, and it seemed like every few steps we’d discover something new to fall in love with. Though I’m still definitely a bit more beach-loving, Johanna quickly decided this neighbourhood was where she’d want to live if we made the big move, and by the end of our stroll I was almost swayed. The food! The delicious cocktails! The locally made goods! The cute boys (like, really cute!)

Scroll down for our favourite spots! 







Coffee //
Dinosaur Coffee
Alfred Coffee

Food and Drinks //
Ohana Poke Co.
Night Market

Boutiques //
La Causa
Dream Collective
Clare V





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