Dear Diary

After months (dare I say years?) of scheming, planning and dreaming it seems pretty unreal to finally be sharing our big news with all of you today. Without any further ado – because I really can’t take any more build up – we’re opening an online pastel lifestyle store!

Okay Alyssa, calm down… what does that even mean?

Here’s the deal: on November 1st (Aka 11 days from now) we’ll be launching #shopRAOP, an online concept shop stocking one of a kind treasures and capsule collections of super limited batch locally made custom goods that are exclusive to us. In simpler terms, really special, really pretty things that only exist once, and when they’re all gone we’ll wave our magic wands and whip up something new! Sounds fun right?!

We don’t want to give everything away before the big day, but you can expect to see everything from custom embellished second hand denim and copper planters to gold dusted floral candles and cotton candy knits. In short, we’re about to make your pastel shopping dreams come true.

I could go on and on about why we’ve taken this step and what it means to me, but I’ll save that for next month. For now let’s all just do what we want to do – get excited!!!


Dress Up

Bare legs! Light jackets! Open toe shoes! Oh how pleased I am that the season has changed and the sun is out. Factoring in a parka when outfit planning gets tired really fast, and now that I don’t have to worry about heavy outerwear I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe to play with!

I scooped up this adorable new cream jacket from Blush, aka the dreamiest pink-filled boutique in all of Ontario, and I can’t get enough of all the pretty little details (those buttons!) Paired with hints of gold and my super cute new locally made pink Min purse, this outfit is ladylike and perfectly pastel.






Jacket from Blush Shop, Vintage Skirt, Cami from Aritzia, Purse via Min Designs, Shoes from H&M

Get Creative

Happy Easter Weekend! After a *very* long hiatus Paige of Studio Bicyclette and I finally joined forces once again to make some holiday magic. A year ago we got together almost weekly to work on fun projects, but gradually life got in the way, and our sunny tea and treat filled afternoons faded into the past. This month we decided it was time to revive our studio day tradition, and though we both live in new apartments on opposite sides of the city, we found a way to make it work just in time for the most pastel holiday of all.

Brainstorming a fun new Easter idea wasn’t easy- so much has already been done in the realm of pretty baskets and nest-topped cupcakes, and we really wanted to put our own twist on the holiday. After a bit of deliberation, Paige remembered she had been storing away Christmas cracker supplies for months, and with that our Easter Cracker DIY was born.

When we first set out to make these we though they’d be crazy simple, but it turns out it’s actually really hard to find thorough instructions online. After a bit of very confusing trial and error, we finally smoothed over the process, and I’m happy to say the final product is actually quite easy to make. f you aren’t able to find the proper cracker piece in time, don’t worry- this DIY will still work without them, you’ll just be missing that loud “pop” sound.

The best part about this craft is picking out the stuffing, and we highly recommend you get creative. Try writing out “fortunes” on pastel paper, splurging on special treats, and maybe even adding a touch of sparkle. The sky is really the limit when it comes to cracker magic, and all the pastel goodies in stores this time of year make the hunt that much more fun!

Scroll down for directions





What You’ll Need //

DIY Christmas cracker strips
Paper towel rolls
Wrapping paper
Filling (Chocolate, special notes, makeup, tiny jewels, etc.)

Directions //

1. Cut paper towel rolls so you have a middle section that’s 10 cm long. Cut the remaining piece of the paper towel roll in half (they don’t have to be perfectly even)

2. Cut your paper to 20 x 30 cm. We used pink and blue matte wrapping paper, but you can try all sorts of wrappings as long as they are thick enough to hold shape.

3. Lay a piece of paper flat and glue the cracker strip at each end to the paper.

4. Lay 3 rolls (middle 10cm piece and two ends) in a row just below the cracker strip and glue only the middle roll in place.

5. Roll up the paper around all three rolls, securing it with a thin strip of glue down the entire length of paper at the end.





6. Wait for the glue to dry, then carefully pull the two end rolls out about halfway, and twist the paper to seal the ends.

7. Secure the twisted paper on one end with ribbons, and remove the roll on that side. Start filling your cracker through the open end with whatever treats you prefer. Then twist the open end closed and again, seal with a ribbon and remove the roll.

8. And there you have it! You can use these crackers in your place settings at dinner, hand them out to your best friends at brunch, or simply enjoy them with your nearest and dearest post-Easter egg hunt!

If you’d prefer a video, we found this charming Christmas DIY quite helpful!

Dress Up

As we take in layers of velvet, wool, and leather at the Toronto FW16 Fashion Week shows, my mind can’t help but focus on something a little more immediate: Spring!

The most pastel of the seasons seems to have Sprung earlier than usual here in Toronto, and we couldn’t be more excited to get back to head-to-toe Easter Egg dressing. Though it’s not quite warm enough to indulge in the full effect just yet, I’m definitely gathering ideas like a squirrel hoarding nuts- though I suppose that’s not really in season now is it?

My favourite trends from the SS16 collections were romantic lace, lots of white, and the sequins of course! I’m also really feeling sweet suedes (faux please), and the shimmering gleams of silver that seemed to make an appearance at almost every show in some capacity. In short, for me SS16 will be all about texture play, creamy hues with pops of milky colour, and as much sparkle as possible (as per usual).

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come:







To see more Stylespiration, check out my Pinterest!

All images via Pinterest.

I'll Follow You Anywhere

When I first started to dream up Johanna and I’s trip, I was pretty torn on where we should go. We’ve daydreamed about Mexico city, the South of France and New York, and since Jo hasn’t had the chance to travel much it was a tough call deciding where to take her first. In the end, Southern California took the cake, because, well, Disneyland.







I’ve mentioned my total undying love for Disneyland before, but I think it bears repeating: there is no place on earth like the original Disneyland Park. This year’s visit brought my total number up to 16, and it was just as dreamy as the sunny days I remember from my childhood. We stayed from open to close, running from ride to ride and devouring Mickey-shaped pretzels (well, Mickey shaped everything actually.) We even got to wear special custom-made ears from House of Mouse!

Some of our favourite stops included:

-It’s a Small World
-Space Mountain
-Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar (it’s worth the trek to the Disneyland Hotel)
-Candy Palace
-Tiki Juice Bar (aka. Dole Whip!)
-Mad Tea Party





DSC_0005 2








What do you love best about Disneyland?!

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