Dear Diary

It has been a *very* big week for #teamRAOP. We like to jump into things with both feet, so this week we launched our new site design, opened a web store, and we’re thrilled to announce we’ll be hosting a pop up at CONVEY this weekend too!

I don’t even know where to start with my feelings right now. Its been such an incredible experience to watch all of these dreams come to life at once, but I think I might need a hundred year nap next week!

I couldn’t have made any of this happen without my incredible team, amazing roster of talented makers, and most of all the super talented Jeanine Brito, who designed both the storefront and our new website! How great are all these gradients and shades of peach?

Scroll down for full Pop up details!






What // A chance to shop our brand new RAOP goods in person and skip shipping fees!

Where // CONVEY, 754 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

When // Friday November 4th – Sunday November 6th (12-7 F, 11-6 S, 12-5 SU)

See you there!

Dress Up


Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting a mini-editorial of sorts with Toujours x Fidele, a new Toronto pop up shop that’s opening to the public tonight!

Focused on fostering a magical community in Toronto, Toujours x Fidele is eco friendly, and sells the work of local designers like Kendra Pegg. The limited run clothing they’ve created is crafted from dead stock or repurposed materials, and most of the decor is from the Toronto Salvage yard. Everything in the shop fits into one lovely concept, “Suburban Dream”, which basically means there’s a lot of washed out pastels and magical details.

My favourite part of this dreamy pop up though is the attic room.

Inspired by Wes Anderson movies and teenage girls, this unique peachy space is a total escape from reality. Pieces of Toujour x Fidele’s clothing are hidden amongst the little scene, and every detail is pretty much perfect. I hung out in this magical little spot for an afternoon, decked out in Toujours x Fidele pieces, and for a moment really felt like a suburban teenager trapped in my eclectic bedroom.

Check out Toujour x Fidele’s opening night party tonight at 8pm. The space is located at 2 Lakeview Avenue (near Dundas and Ossington), and rumour has it there will be special cocktails created by your favourite pastel princess!











All clothing from Toujours x Fidele

Photography by Brianne Burnell