Dress Up

Happy Canada day everyone! As much as I’d love to do a big red shoot with hockey and maple leaves all over the place, I’m going to stick to my regular pink programming if that’s alright with you…

There are very few good pastel photo walls in this city, and perhaps that’s part of the reason why so much of the photography I see coming out of Toronto is very monochromatic and minimal (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) It’s tough to find the bright and cheery in a place with so much marble, concrete, and grey, and I often think I’d be much better off living in Miama or L.A. where every second building is a fun colour. But for now at least, I’m not one to give up on finding the colour in my life that easily!

Anabela of Fieldguided introduced me to this wall while we were out on a photo shoot adventure, and it immediately became one of my new favourite spots to take photos. In real life, it’s a pretty massive, somewhat grimy car mechanic shop, but in photos it transforms into a hot pink haze that I just can’t get enough of. Here’s to the first of many hot pink wall photo shoots!







Sunnies by TOMS, sweatshirt from H+M, shorts by Rosehound Apparel, to-go cup by Ban.do, shoes by Loly in the Sky

Photos by Johanna Martin

Dear Diary


It’s RAOP’s 1 year birthday today!

I honestly can’t believe time has gone by so fast and so much has happened. I figure now is as good a time as any to share the story of Random Acts of Pastel with all of you right?

Last April I was miserably working at a part time job that took way too much out of me without giving anything back. I was sad and tired all the time, but I wasn’t really sure what else to do with myself. A few months away from graduating journalism school, I already knew I didn’t want a career in news reporting or mainstream media, but I was scared and unsure to try for anything else. Basically I was stuck, scared, and unhappy.

One day I got called into a meeting at work and was treated so cruelly by one of my bosses that there was really only one thing I could do: I quit. As soon as I had left and was out of her sight, I burst into tears. I had thought about taking that leap for so long, but I never thought I’d do it without somewhere soft and safe to land.


A few months went by where I burned through my savings and spent my days lazily sulking around wondering what to do with myself. I had left my toxic workplace, but I was still stuck in a rut of self-pity and depression. I knew I wanted to find a way to get my ideas out there and get my light back, but every option seemed daunting and overwhelming, so I just continued to waste time.

One night, my incredibly inspiring and supportive partner and I were plotting to spend a night doing street art around the city (I know, such rebels huh?) and I suggested we paint things pastel to put a little more cheer and colour into the world. We could call our little movement “Random Acts of Pastel” I thought, and then suddenly everything clicked.

Though the street art portion of my plan never really happened (yet), I still like to think RAOP follows the original mandate I came up with: to add a little more colour and cheer into the world! These days, I wake up every morning with a bounce in my step, excited to dream and create and share with all of you, and I truly feel like I’m living a charmed life. Over the span of a year, I’ve gone from sitting in a rut wishing my time away to cherishing every moment up on cloud nine, and I couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Since I already have my gift, I figure you deserve something special too, so to celebrate this wonderful occasion, I’m running a big birthday giveaway! Here’s what’s up for grabs:


1. Three handmade greeting cards // Brianne Burnell
2. A confetti OR sprinkle mug // RAOP Society 6
3. A custom pet portrait // Justine Wong
4. A magical crystal necklace // Oasis Bloom
5. A Sailor Moon Tote bag // Rosehound Apparel


*Must follow all of the listed makers on Instagram (see my account for @ links)

*Must re-gram this photo on Instagram using the #RAOPBDAYGIVEAWAY hashtag. You can do this one time each day for the duration of the contest to enter more times! (again, see my account to re-gram the correct image)

*Must comment on this post about which prize you’re most excited about!

*Tweet or pin this post and image for additional entries, and make sure to use the #RAOPBDAYGIVEAWAY hashtag so I can find your entries (and/or link to your posts in the comment section here)

This contest will run for one week, until next Friday July 11th at 6pm. One lucky winner will score all of the above prizes (aka birthday presents), and I’ll announce them in the comment section here Friday night.

U.S.A. and Canadian entries only please!

CONGRATULATIONS @Carleygeorged!!! You’re the winner!

Flower crown in the first photo by Wit and Bloom, and mini vegan strawberry lemonade cake recipe coming soon!

Dress Up


Though Toronto is a dauntingly big city, I’m always surprised by how tiny it seems after living here for a few years. I met Megan Campagnolo, the magical being behind Rosehound apparel, almost four years ago through an ex partner. After my breakup, Megan and I lost touch, though we’d bump into each other from time to time. Then recently I started following an Instagram account for a super cute new local clothing line I was obsessed with, and it turned out to be Megan’s company!










Handmade in Toronto with love by Megan herself, Rosehound Apparel is the stuff of daydreams for a girl like me. Hand dyed pastel sweatshirts are decorated with ruffles chips and popcorn embroidery, and soft white collared shirts offer up magical surprises like teardrops or swans (my personal favourite!) Oh and did I mention the cat prints? Using new and deadstock fabrics, Megan also whips up fleece cat sweatshirts, cat print 5 panel hats, and button up shirts with cat collars. Basically, she’s got all of us cat ladies covered.

Rosehound Apparel is perfect for creative slobs, for daydreamers who spend a lot of time at home on the couch with snack crumbs stuck on their shirt and spend their evenings dying their hair. Collaborating with awesome artists like Olivia Mew and Rachel Etigson, Megan always has something new and adorable in the works (when I visited she was working on “Born to be Mild” embroidered tote bags and an ice cream heaven design (which I obviously desperately need in my life).










Next time you’re in the market for a great comfy sweatshirt with a teacup on it, or an adorably sad collared shirt, you know where to find them. And let’s be real: when are you not looking for whimsical, handmade pieces to add to your wardrobe?

*Note: Some or all of the items featured in this post were given to me as a gift from the maker, but I only write about products I genuinely adore, I promise!*

Photography by Brianne Burnell