Dear Diary

After months (dare I say years?) of scheming, planning and dreaming it seems pretty unreal to finally be sharing our big news with all of you today. Without any further ado – because I really can’t take any more build up – we’re opening an online pastel lifestyle store!

Okay Alyssa, calm down… what does that even mean?

Here’s the deal: on November 1st (Aka 11 days from now) we’ll be launching #shopRAOP, an online concept shop stocking one of a kind treasures and capsule collections of super limited batch locally made custom goods that are exclusive to us. In simpler terms, really special, really pretty things that only exist once, and when they’re all gone we’ll wave our magic wands and whip up something new! Sounds fun right?!

We don’t want to give everything away before the big day, but you can expect to see everything from custom embellished second hand denim and copper planters to gold dusted floral candles and cotton candy knits. In short, we’re about to make your pastel shopping dreams come true.

I could go on and on about why we’ve taken this step and what it means to me, but I’ll save that for next month. For now let’s all just do what we want to do – get excited!!!