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I decided pretty early on that I wanted 2016 to be my big year of travel. I decided now that I work for myself I’d go anywhere, anytime, say yes to every opportunity, and spend some of my hard earned savings on seeing the world. I even started things off on the right foot with the #RAOPinCali trip, but unfortunately soon after that I fell off the wagon.

The idea of travel is nice, but it’s often easier said than done. As we get older there are more and more responsibilities holding us to one place- fear and what if’s pin our wings down. There’s also the issue of money, of finding someone to travel with, of not missing any important dates or events back home. If you’re a homebody who likes to worry like me, it’s pretty simple to come up with a long list of reasons to say no to new travel adventures.

That said, I don’t plan on letting fears, obligations, and responsibilities limit my magical life.

I’ve been searching for a reason to take off since the moment I landed in Toronto after our California trip, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find anyone to escape the city with. I came up with more and more excuses to stay put, and as the months rolled by, my frustration and wanderlust became consuming.

A few weeks ago one of my very closest friends left for two months in Berlin, and I found myself complaining to him about my need to escape as well. A few days later, he pitched the idea that I meet him in The South of France for a few days, and I almost immediately knew I had to say yes. I booked the ticket last week, and I leave next Tuesday. The best part? I’m staying a few extra days to explore the coastline on my own, which will be my very first solo travel experience! I am literally counting down the seconds, and though it was a spontaneous decision, it was one I truly felt I needed to make deep in my bones.

Next stop: Nice!

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Header image by the amazing Gray Malin