Dress Up

Dressing for travel is always a bit of a menace, even if you’re just taking a short road trip in the summer heat. Driving down to Buffalo for our little adventure last week (city guide coming Monday!) was a super fun impromptu decision, and though we were in a rush I somehow ended up perfectly appropriately dressed. So perfectly in fact, that I decided to share a casual Spring outfit post!

I’m really into the all-white-everything outfit concept throughout every season, and Spring is obviously no exception. CONVEY has become my go-to for all things beautifully well made and simple, and since they’re conveniently right across the street I am almost constantly picking up new treasures. This round: a thin airy tank by SIG and a light long grey wool coat by Georgia Alice. Paired with simple blush denim, a soft tan bucket bag from Cantin, and my very fresh new Common Projects, comfort has never looked so clean and shiny!









Top and coat from CONVEY, purse via Cantin, Shoes by Common Projects, Sunnies by Illesteva via ZANE, Jeans from Aritzia, Watch by Christian Paul

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When packing for Nice I was determined to bring only classy, ladylike pieces. I didn’t even want to give myself the option of looking lazy (like I do working from home most days I’m afraid), and so I ended up with a handful of fun new outfit shoots and a lot of blisters from wearing heels almost constantly.

This pairing from my favourite local boutique CONVEY was the perfect intersection between dressed up and casual comfort while I was away, and I couldn’t get enough of the soft suede shorts with this amazing blush Georgia Alice number. I’m not generally an “off the shoulder type” (that’s a thing, right?) but this piece is the perfect way to try out the look, and I’m definitely hooked!







Top and Shorts via CONVEY, Shoes via Call it Spring, Watch by Christian Paul

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I’ve loved Maccs for years now, and I was so excited when they announced they’d launched their own house brand this year, Maccs the Label. Based out of Vancouver (my hometown), the owner Tessa has always been such a sweet friend to RAOP, and she was kind enough to send a gorgeous Chlo√© Playsuit my way right before I took off for France.

The results? A Spring boudoir look that I just couldn’t get enough of while I was away (and now that I’m back home!) Accessorized with a simple choker, a lacy bra, and simple black sandals, this outfit was effortlessly chic, and my new peach trench from Lovers + friends was the perfect topper for chilly days!








Trench by Lovers + Friends via Revolve, Playsuit by Maccs the Label, Sandals by Cartel, Sunnies via ZANE, choker from Choies, Watch by Christian Paul

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May is the month that the April showers bring- the first true month of Spring here in Canada, it seemed fitting that I’d start my newest blog column in this time of new beginnings. Introducing monthly RAOP Picks (aka #RAOPpicks), our take on an Editor’s List!

Though this month is mostly products and special treasures (I’ve been on a bit of a shopping binge lately) you can expect to find everything from current favourite travel destinations, special ice cream flavours, seasonal flowers, recipe trends- really just whatever I’m into at the beginning of each month!

April was a pretty dark time in Toronto this year- we had a few warm days followed by a lot of very cold ones, and now that May has hit things are finally starting to turn green (slowly). There’s a new burst of energy in the air that sends people out to flood the sidewalks on the weekends and pause to inspect the flowering tree buds to see when they might bloom. Inspired by this electricity, all of my favourite items of the moment have a sort of edgy spring feel. I’m all about shades of peach and pink with hints of black, leather, and lace, and both my wardrobe and makeup bag are reflecting the shift.

Lumira Paradisium Perfume // Over the past few months we’ve become close friends with the owners of CONVEY (another power bff duo, but more into leather jackets and black things). Every single time they’re around or we visit their shop I’m taken aback by the delicious scent that seems to surround them, and it turns out they sell it in the shop! Boasting a scent profile that includes bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, fig nectar, vetiver, sea moss and cedarwood, this fragrance is unlike anything you’ve ever smelled before, and I’m thinking it will be my Spring signature!

Bully Boy Lingerie // Locally made and oh so sexy, Bully Boy lingerie is crazy comfortable and beautifully designed. I just updated my collection with a new bra and a bodysuit, and I couldn’t be happier with the amazing craftsmanship.

Dior Balms // I’ve had Dior’s rose lip balm and apricot cuticle cream on display on my dresser for ages, but only recently did I start enjoying the magic of actually using them. With the softest scents and the prettiest colours, these little tubs help me keep my nail beds and lips happy in style.






Uncuffed Leather Choker // Is it just me, or is the choker back in a BIG way? There’s something subtly sexy about having a collar around your neck, and no one does it better than Uncuffed Leather. Handmade here in Toronto, Olga makes everything from gloves to full body harnesses, and they really add the perfect hint of bedroom to any outfit.

Pink Puffs // You know how puppies have been proven to make people happy? I think the same rule applies for the “puff” trend. I’ve been collecting these furry colourful keychains (faux of course!) everywhere I go lately, and they’re such a fun way to add a pop of colour to your look! Bonus: it’s now extremely easy to find my keys in any bag. Get your own in any colour you can dream of on Etsy!

Spring Booties // I’m pretty die-hard when it comes to my love for wearing boots, and even when summer rolls around I’m stubborn about letting the look go. I’ve even been known to wear ankle booties at the pool! It’s weird, I know, but this year I’m finding a happy medium with boot-ish Spring/Summer footwear. My top two picks are Cartel’s Tapalapa and Call it Spring’s Fongora.

Peachy Lipstick // In previous years I’ve shied away from orange-based tones, convinced that they were unflattering with my easily-tanned skin. As I get older though most of these made up “rules” fade into the distance, and peachy pinks and corals are now my go-to lipstick of choice. Pick of the moment: Paul and Joe’s creamy formula!

Christian Paul Marble Collection // It may make me a trend follower, but I’m all about marble, everywhere, all the time. I recently came across Christian Paul’s marble watch collection, and I fell hard and fast for the white marble face with the peachy band. Look forward to seeing this guy perched on my wrist in every photo of me holding something from now on!

Oh so Pretty

It’s the most wonderful time of the month! No, not that “time of the month”- I’m talking about hair appointment time! It’s always a bit of a challenge to decide what I want to try next with how many different colours my hair has been over the past five years, but this time I’ve known what shade I want for weeks.

I call it milky pink peach pastel sunset (Yes, that’s totally a thing), or “flamingo hair” for short.

I’ve never really accomplished a truly perfect peach on my own at home, so when my pals at Good Day Hair Shop in Kensington Market invited me in for a date with their dreamy colourist Jaymi I jumped at the chance to do something different. If you haven’t seen Jaymi’s colour work yet, check it out immediately: @kaleidoscopejaymi. This lady is seriously a pastel hair goddess, and I couldn’t wait to meet her irl.

True to her online awesomeness, Jaymi was a bubbly babe with the prettiest rosy coral locks. We immediately got to work with the usual bleaching and toning, and then the fun started. Jaymi described my idea as “putting a flamingo in a blender”, and though it sounds rather violent she definitely got my vision. She covered my whole head with a peach toner, then “ribboned” a touch of hot pink through the bottom while my head was in the sink. She even made me a take home hair mask tinted with peach so I can keep my colour fresh- what a peach!

The end result is, well… see for yourself! I basically transformed from a sad grey pigeon to a vacation-ready flamingo, and I can’t wait to flaunt my new feathers!










Ready to take the pastel hair plunge? I highly recommend Jaymi at Good Day Hair Shop!