Dress Up

I’m not big on changing my “look” based on trends, but I do always like to feel like my style is evolving- constantly cycling in new pieces and inspiration. I’m always logging my current favourites on Pinterest, and every once and awhile I’ll notice an undeniable pattern based on the season. This Spring, it’s lingerie-inspired looks.

I’ve always had a soft spot for lacy underthings and soft peachy silks, but this is the first time I’ve really embraced wearing them outside in broad daylight. A robe-like jacket over a lacy romper paired with heels and statement earrings? Yes please! Major inspirations include Carrie’s NYE look in the Sex and The City movie, and almost all of the SS16 runway shows, and my favourite brands of the moment are Bully Boy, Uncuffed Leather, and CV New York (who sadly just closed their doors, so shop what’s left quick!) If you bump into me this spring you’ll likely find me in leather chokers, silky loose trench coats, slip dresses with lace bras peaking out, and all the shades of blush, cream and peach you can dream of.

Did I get dressed or just roll out of bed? You’ll never really know for sure.






SpringInspo7 copy

All photos via. Pinterest

Dress Up

Here in Toronto things can get quite desolate outfit-wise without the right variety of coats in your closet. There are only about two months a year where we don’t have to wear a coat or jacket, so without a diverse range you can easily get into a “same thing every day” outfit slump. Trust me, it’s not fun.

It probably comes as no surprise that I have a special place in my heart for pink coats. Whereas most people *might* add a “pop” of colour to their outerwear repertoire, I strive to have a different shade of pink jacket for every day of the week and every single season. When I first saw this hot pink cocoon number on the J Crew website before Christmas I was totally smitten. Unfortunately I barely had time to grab my wallet before it was completely sold out in every shade.


A few weeks ago I was out for lunch with Paige (aka Studio Bicyclette) and the dream pink coat came up in conversation. She mentioned she’d kept her eyes out for it on Ebay, and on a total whim I went home and checked myself. That’s when my pink coat miracle occurred- there was one size two available, and thanks to a tiny blue stain it was actually less expensive than it had been in stores. I instantly jumped on it, and the rest is, well, evident in these pictures.






The best part? The alleged “blue dot” is completely invisible- we seriously can’t even find it! Maybe I should invest in some lottery tickets this month too? I’m feeling lucky…

Dress from Evernew, Jacket by J Crew, Booties by Cartel Footwear, Sunnies from ZANE, Backpack via. Shoptiques

Dress Up

Now that Spring has finally Sprung, it’s time to start thinking about updating my wardrobe for the fresh season. Goodbye grey and cream, hello pastel colours and crisp whites! Goodbye thick wool tights, hello bare legs! Goodbye… ok, you get the idea. Sorry! I’m just so excited!

I carry over a lot of my closet from season to season, but there are a few things I always want to replace for a clean palette. To name a few, I always invest in a fresh white t-shirt, flat black booties, and seasonal denim.

Despite all the photos you have seen of me frolicking around in skirts and dresses, I own a massive collection of jeans, and it’s growing all the time. For me, denim is almost a separate wardrobe of its own: I need my staple jeans, my outdoorsy jeans, and my novelty jeans, plus denim jackets and shorts etc. My first high school job growing up was at the most popular jean store in the mall, so I know more about denim fit, care, and fabrics than most, and I guess that’s where my collection started.

For me (and I daresay for most people), Spring is all about the light colours, and that definitely carries over into my pant selection. This season I was really craving a great bright sky blue denim, and a new pair of white jeans with a bit of edge, and amazingly enough I managed to find both in one place: Topshop.




Topshop has just released a new denim collection, and, as a former jean expert, I must say I’m super impressed. The fit options and washes are seemingly endless, and I love that some of the styles come in petite and tall lengths so I don’t have to get them hemmed shorter.

After much deliberation, I scooped up two different versions of the “Joni” fit. The fabric is super stretchy, but still thick enough to make sense on chilly Toronto days, and the super high rise is exactly what I hope for in a pair of pants. Both the bright blue and white ripped washes I chose are perfectly suited for the Easter-egg colours I’ll be sporting throughout the season.

Hello Spring, hello new jeans!




Trench, tank top, sandals and jeans all from Topshop Canada

Iconic, cool and understatedly stylish – TOPSHOP at Hudson’s Bay is the fashion destination for denim. From classic skinnies to ‘90s-inspired Mom jeans, our signature fits tick every box when it comes to beautifully cut, on-trend women’s jeans. Available in various fits, styles and washes – visit TOPSHOP at Hudson’s Bay to find your favourite pair today!

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Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Topshop Canada via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Topshop Canada.

Dress Up

Johanna and I believe very deeply in the magic of crystals. The Pastel Palace is littered with gemstones, and we even have a “mystical corner” where our plants and favourite rocks reside. It may seem like a lot of hocus pocus, but Jo has taught me all about putting your energy into a rock and then carrying it with you for when it’s needed, and I can’t help but adore the sentiment. I’m definitely not the house expert by any means- Jo spends her spare time painting the most beautiful watercolour gems, but what she has taught me has definitely stuck, and crystal collecting has become a household hobby.

I’m sure you can imagine our squeals when we came across the new Wildfox Ready to Wear Collection.

Just in time for warmer weather, Wildfox has done it again with maxi dresses, rompers and more, all of which are available in fantastic fairytale prints. Our favourite by far? The pastel gem print of course! We snagged a little white dress and a romper, and we’re having a tough time not matching in them every single day this week!







Dress Up

As we take in layers of velvet, wool, and leather at the Toronto FW16 Fashion Week shows, my mind can’t help but focus on something a little more immediate: Spring!

The most pastel of the seasons seems to have Sprung earlier than usual here in Toronto, and we couldn’t be more excited to get back to head-to-toe Easter Egg dressing. Though it’s not quite warm enough to indulge in the full effect just yet, I’m definitely gathering ideas like a squirrel hoarding nuts- though I suppose that’s not really in season now is it?

My favourite trends from the SS16 collections were romantic lace, lots of white, and the sequins of course! I’m also really feeling sweet suedes (faux please), and the shimmering gleams of silver that seemed to make an appearance at almost every show in some capacity. In short, for me SS16 will be all about texture play, creamy hues with pops of milky colour, and as much sparkle as possible (as per usual).

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come:







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