Dress Up

I often get the question “so when did this whole pastel thing start anyway?”, and without fail it always makes me smile.

Through there were times when a desire to fit in overtook my quirky, colourful sense of style and I turned monochrome, I’ve pretty much always had fun with my style. In high school I garnered a lot of attention for my all-pink outfits (there was one chord Betsey Johnson number in particular…) and I distinctly remember a time when I looked into my closet and noted I owned something in every single colour category.

As a result of a personality/style crisis in my early 20s that involved a lot of black and white, I’m still working on building my colour inventory back up. That said, there’s no denying that I love me some head to toe pink! This outfit from Pale Violet is one of my favourite things to wear right now, and I couldn’t resist slipping it on for a little impromptu fashion shoot (note: there are lots of these coming down the pipe. I took a break from fashion for awhile but lately I’m feeling really inspired again and I’m loving it!)







Two piece pearl outfit via Pale Violet, Shoes from Aldo, Sunnies by Karen Walker, Necklace via North, Strong and Chic.

Photos by Johanna Martin