Get Creative

There’s nothing quite like the energy that builds when you get a group of excited, creative folks together in one room, and our Get Social Workshops really seem to bring out the best this city has to offer in that department.

Last Saturday morning we opened up Studio B for the second time to almost 20 amazing artists, makers, and entrepreneurs, and spent the morning chatting about photo editing apps, partnerships, and hashtags. There were incredible Kitten and The Bear scones with clotted cream and banana jam (trust me, you NEED to try it), piping hot cups of Sloane Tea in flavours like “Jasmine Pink Lemonade”=, and sweet treats from our friends at the Bake Shoppe, which ensured everyone had a good buzz going by the time we got started on our presentation.







Perhaps best thing about these events is their collaborative nature. Though Paige and I organized the workshop and led the conversation with a pre-set slideshow and talking points, there were so many other voices contributing to each topic- offering advice and sharing personal experiences. The effect was a more casual, well-rounded learning experience, and even Paige and I discovered some new tips and tricks!

Overall, this workshop was just as successful as the first one. By the time everyone left with their loaded gift bags, Paige and I had a new list of great new connections, and well, new friends! Everyone we talked to seemed inspired and excited, and the effect was really seriously contagious. In the spirit of keeping that momentum going, we’ll be starting up an online community for all of our past and future attendees in the spirit of supporting one another and sharing news, and we’ll also be announcing more workshop dates soon too!





Thanks so much to all of our amazing sponsors:

Fresh Tangerine
This is Ground
Good Day Hair Shop
Lady Hayes
Alex Perlin
Bake Shoppe
Sloane Tea
Kitten and The Bear
Village Juicery

Dear DiaryDress UpI'll Follow You Anywhere

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of playing dress up with the Bicyclette team for their final look book shoot. We got all dolled up in lace and sequins, and played around with tinsel, balloons and champagne while rocking out to Taylor Swift. It was an inspiring and magical day, and I can’t wait to be a part of whatever Paige dreams up next!

Reposted from my dear friends at Bicyclette:

“She’s an explorer, a daydreamer, and never turns down an excuse to wear flowers in her hair. She believes in magic, likes the challenge in finding the perfect dress, and always mixes her favourite vintage tee with a dash of delicate sequins. There’s no problem a swipe of lipstick can’t fix, and she’s always up for a midnight adventure.”

Our final holiday lookbook, XO, Bicyclette’, is dedicated to all of our Bicyclette Girls who have made this adventure such a magical one. We wanted to capture the essence of our quintessential Bicyclette Girl, the dreamers with stars in their eyes and love in their hearts, and celebrate the end of this particular fairy tale. So with an abundance of star confetti, glittery balloons and party-perfect outfits that are begging to be taken for a spin on the dance floor, this one’s for everyone who has been along for the ride, thank you for inspiring us and making our dream a reality.








Photographer: Scarlet O’Neill
Hair/Makeup: Ashley Readings
Models: Emily, Ana and Alyssa
Assistant Stylists: Marjory McClean and Katelyn Comeau
Shoes: Heel Boy

Looking for more? XO, Bicyclette // Behind the Scenes

Get Creative

The nail art trend has been around for awhile now, but we still can’t get enough of painting cute little symbols on our paws from time to time!

A few weeks ago Paige and I got together at Studio B with Johanna Martin, a friend of the shop, local artist, and nail art extraordinaire. We went over some ideas, grabbed a handful of Trust Fund Beauty polishes from the shop, and started penning sketches onto scrap paper. Together we came up with a simple, super cute accent nail tutorial that almost anyone can accomplish with a roll of washi tape, nail polish, and a little bit of patience!

1 // Cut 3 peices of washi tape approx 1-2″ inch off the roll.

2 // Cut those pieces in half vertically (length-wise) – you need 5 total

3 // Paint your nail a solid colour

4 // Once the nail is very dry, create a diamond shape with washi tape (<>)

5 // Take the 5th piece of tape and place it level across the top of your nail (as if it were a french manicure?) Make sure the tape is stuck down well and paint the space with desired ‘diamond’ colour. We went with Trust Fund Beauty’s “Credit Card Workout”, a perfect glittery silver that you can find at the shop!

6 // Wait as long as you possibly can to ensure the polish has dried, then slowly and carefully peel back the tape. If you feel up to the task, add a few lines or glitter details with a tiny nail brush before top coating your nail to protect the design.

Shine on, you sparkling diamond you!








Dear Diary

We had such a wonderful time at our Get Social Workshop a few weeks ago, and though it already feels like it was ages ago thanks to our West Coast trip, we’re super excited to share these adorable photobooth snaps from the event! Everyone who attended the workshop was so wonderful and inspiring, and the energy from the day definitely shines through in these photos.












Can’t wait for our next #getsocialworkshop!

To see all of the photos from the event, click through to our Facebook album!

Party Time

It’s hard to sum up all the feelings we have about the social media workshop in one little post, but I’m going to do my best.

When the day started, Paige and I were both pretty nervous. I mean, would anyone care what we had to say? Would all our hard work be worth it? But as attendees started pouring in, it quickly became clear that it was going to be a magical morning. Bloggers, business owners, bakers, photographers, and all sorts of other amazing women all squeezed into the studio, and the energy was practically glittering in the air. By the time we finished our presentation, we were almost half an hour overtime, and everyone could barely contain their excitement (including us!) We all stood around afterward eating Desmond & Beatrice coconut cupcakes, Kitten and The Bear scones and jam and shared our hopes, dreams, and plans (oh, and taking some pretty adorable photobooth pics- coming soon!) It felt like we’d created a little bubble of talented creative women at Studio B, and we’re so excited to watch everyone who attended progress and grow.

Overall, our first workshop was a huge success, and we’re so incredibly grateful to all of our lovely attendees and talented sponsors. We’re excited to announce well be hosting more workshops in the near future, and we can’t wait to build on this idea and share what’s next with all of you very soon!













Photos: Brianne Burnell