Dear Diary

This is the story of how I fell in love with a vacuum.

Okay not really, but also… sort of!

I grew up in the most vacuum-heavy environment you can imagine. We had two long hair dogs, and both my parents are total clean freaks, so as you can imagine it was pretty intense. Most of my childhood mornings involved waking up to the sound of the whirring vacuum outside my door, which of course ultimately meant i grew up hating vacuuming and vacuums.

Then, I grew up, and as I’d always expected I ended up with a house more packed with pets than my family home. Two cats and two dogs later, I slowly came to realize a good vacuum can be a life saver. I started to be the kind of person that drooled over (like my mother had before me) and when I finally got my paws on it was truly revelatory.

Having the cordless wonder vac at #thepastelpalace has honestly changed everything. It saves me so much time, it’s light, and it never falls on my back while I’m bend over getting hair off the stairs (yes, that has happened.) It’s easy to empty, relatively quiet, and oh, so FUN to use! No matter how cute your messes are (cat hair, glitter, sprinkles, etc.) you still have to clean up, and the Dyson somehow manages to make that a nice experience. I never thought I’d say this out loud, but I LOVE my vacuum.

Thanks for giving me the gift of less time cleaning so I can cuddle my pets for even more hours each day !







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