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The White Pepper

I don’t know how It took me so long to find The White Pepper. I’m constantly complaining about the lack of affordable and loveable clothing in the world, run ragged by the endless repeats I see in chain stores around the city. Online is better, but hard to navigate unless you have go to favourite sites. I can now proudly say I have one very favourite, very go-to site.

The White Pepper is a UK based company out of East London that makes incredibly cute, wearable clothing shoes and acessories. The styling and lookbooks are a plethora of wonderful perfection, and even the beauty looks they use on their models are creative and so so pretty! (XOVain piece on that note coming soon!)

I found The White Pepper online through a friend, and instantly fell head over chunky glitter heels. I immediately ordered one of their classic dresses, the Angel Dress, in white (and it was on sale!) Shipping was super affordable to Canada, and the dress came within a few days! needless to say I was really impressed, but the true moment of amazement occurred when I put on the dress itself.

Guys this dress is PERFECT. I even bought it in a size too big and it is STILL perfect! I want every colour and every print, NOW. It is loose and comfy but still nice enough to wear to something a bit dressier, it works for all seasons when layered appropriately, and it just makes me feel like a doll!

Clearly I had to accessorize the world’s cutest dress with cat items, moon earrings, and a set of extremely childlike high pigtails. I topped the look off with some peachy Stila lipstick and went skipping around the city (only with a heavy coat overtop because its freezing out!)





Just take my money you The White Pepper geniuses. Just take it All. Especially when the pony bag this photo is in stock.

Outfit credits: Cat Bag by Muchacha, Dress by The White Pepper, Tights from Aritzia, Socks by Lazy Oaf, Shoes from Topshop.


  • Love this look! You’re like a magical fairy princess who spreads glitter and pastel around Toronto. I was wondering where you got the moon earrings?

    • Thank you so much! I got them at the junction flea, but Species by the thousands has an amazing moon set I am after now because I lost one of those 🙁 Etsy probably has something really similar too though! <3

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