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Waking Up In Vegas

So a few weeks ago I found myself feeling completely destroyed by the winter blues with no end in sight. I felt truly hopeless- my usual sunny cheerfulness was replaced by nonstop doom and gloom, and getting out of bed each day seemed almost unbearable.

So, I did what any logical adult woman with a ton of work and responsibilities on the go would do. I booked a four day trip to Las Vegas with Emmett and hopped a plane to the desert sunshine.

In retrospect I’ll admit, it was a bit kooky, but it turns out Vegas had everything I needed to cheer myself up, including but not limited to massive buffets, vintage pastel motels, fancy slushie drinks, hot sun, and gigantic swimming pools (RAOP city guide coming very soon!)

Instead of spending our trip clubbing we went exploring, and on our way we found all sorts of treasures, including a totally pink motel with a wedding chapel out front. Of course we had to stop for an impromptu photo shoot!








  • Only you could do Vegas like this!

    Also wow, are you and Emmett back together, or was this a friendly trip?

    Big supporter of you!

    • It was a friendly adventure! We’re very close, but no, not back together 🙂

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