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We had A Bash At Rebash

There’s a special place in my heart for wedding shows and markets, regardless of the fact that I have no plans to get married anytime soon (*tear*). I always say yes when I’m invited to bridal events, and this year’s Rebash Market was no exception.

Even better? I got to bring Paige of Studio Bicyclette along, who unlike me, is actually planning her wedding for next summer! It was extra lovely to get to shop flowers, tiny cacti and swan favours with her while daydreaming about my own distant plans. We tasted the freshest macarons, took notes on floral arrangements, and though Paige didn’t buy a ton of items or book anything final, she felt super inspired by everything we saw, and it was pretty magical to see the little styling wheels start turning in her head.

One day my day will come, but for now it was extra special to help in some small way with hers.

Some of our favourite Vendors included:

Bash Boutique
Mai Lin
Love Lettering
Quelle Cuisine
Paper Decorum
Present Day Gifts
Make my Day Count
Snowdrop and Co.
Field Day Design











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