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10k Giveaway! – Closed

Happy Monday lovelies! Do I ever have a treat for you!

This past week something super exciting happened: I hit 10k followers on Instagram! For someone who had only just hit 1000 in January I think this is a pretty big deal, and what better way to thank all of your for following along on my sparkly adventures than to host a big 10k giveaway!

I’ve teamed up with a handful of my favourite makers to create a glittery magical giveaway, and there are a whole bunch of ways to win both on Instagram and elsewhere. Excited yet? Scroll down for details!


Up for grabs: 

1. A Jordan De Ruiter Tulle Skirt in the colour of your choosing!

2. A magenta tote bag by Fieldguided

3. A Sherbet Love tassel garland by Studio Mucci

4. A hand made donut tee by Charziie

5. A mint and gold sequin camera strap by Sam and Kate Design

6. A $100 gift card for Bicyclette Boutique

7. Two tins of Sloane Tea sachets (Earl Grey Classic and Citron Chamomile)

8. A jar of Niagara Golden Plum & Lavender jam from Kitten and The Bear

The rules:

*Each prize will go to a separate winner, so there will be 8 winners total

*Contest open to Canadian and American addresses only

*Winners will be announced the morning of Monday the 1st of September both here and on Instagram

How to Enter: 

You must-

*Follow me and all of the makers who provided prizes on Instagram (links to their pages on my Instagram giveaway post from this morning)

*Comment on my Instagram giveaway post and/or here which prize (or prizes) you want to win

For extra points-

*Follow me on Twitter

*Follow me on Pinterest

*Tweet about this giveaway (with #RAOP10kgiveaway hashtag)

*Regram my Instagram giveaway post (with #RAOP10kgiveaway hashtag)

Best of luck!!!

And the winners are:

1. skirt- @tweevalleyhigh
2. tote- @paperpastries
3. garland- @elliesf
4. donut t- @madefromlovebylisa
5. camera strap- @alongcameadleigh
6. Bicyclette Gift Card- @vanessaortynsky
7. tea- @allisonfls
8. jam- @ashlions


  • I love your blog/instagram page, pink is the best color! I love the tulle skirt and would love to have it for my trip to Greece in a year!! I followed you on pinterest too. Keep on being pretty in pastel 🙂

  • Congrats on 10K! And thanks for the amazing giveaway! I would love to win the camera strap, it is gorgeous! <3

  • Congratulations on 10k followers, that’s so exciting! I’ve been following your blog and instagram for awhile, and you’ve been a great source of what’s amazing in Toronto! Thanks so much for putting together this contest and supporting local businesses! I’d love to win the donut tee or the Fieldguided tote (I have been eyeing one up all summer).

  • Congratz on 10k!!!! I absolutely love the tulle skirt and donut tee!!!! And of course, my inner shopaholic is also wants the shop bicyclette gftcard!!!!!

  • Btw, love your site 🙂

  • Your definitely my kind of girl! I’d love any of the items, but the Shop Bicyclette credit would be fab! Thanks & congrats…xoxo

  • This is awesomeee! Congrats on 10k!!
    I would love any of these beautiful things, but I would especially enjoy the tulle skirt, doughnut shirt, or bicyclette giftcard. THANKS SO MUCH FOR DOING THISS!!

  • The tulle skirt obviously sounds amazing but the camera stap is also calling my name.

  • I would love to win any of the prizes but my absolute favourites are the camera strap or tulle skirt. I reported on IG (sibleyh) and followed on Twitter (@sibley_h) and Pinterest (sibley_h) for extra entries 🙂

  • I legit had the hardest time deciding which prize I liked best. I think I’ve settled on the tulle skirt from Jordan de Ruiter.

    Thank you for the opportunity! xx

  • I left a little comment on Instagram after following you on twitter, Pinterest and following all the prize suppliers! Your site is so awesome! How exciting; 10k!!!!

  • 10K WOOT WOOT! Now oh my gosh HOW do I decide?!? I think if I had to choose I would most want the gift card from Bicyclette or the jam from Kitten and the Bear. <3

  • I would loooove to win the tulle skirt, tote bag or donut tee! Love your style!!

    • P.S. I followed the makers on Instagram, your Twitter & Pinterest, and commented on your Insta post!

  • I’d love to win any of the prizes, but especially the magenta Fieldguided tote! I’ve followed the makers, and I’m already following you on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

    Thanks for this giveaway and congrats on 10k! : )

  • amazing – congrats on the 10k! and beautiful prizes. i follow you and the makers on instagram, did a re-gram of your post, and here i am trying to win again!
    my faves are the donut shirt, the bicyclette gift card, and the tea. love your colourful and insightful posts.

  • Tulle + Tassles + Bicyclette + tea + jam!!!!!

  • I would love to win a $100 gift card for Bicyclette Boutique 🙂
    Pinterest : xlili09

  • I reposted on Instagram, but I follow you on twitter @jonboyandemmy

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