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A Flamingo Favourite

I’ve been really good about not splurging lately, even though my natural instinct is and always has been to spend without much restraint (I’m working on getting my finances in order- but more on that later!) Every so often though, there’s an item so special that I just can’t bear to walk away, and Kate Spade’s flamingo collection was just the sort of bait that hooks this pastel fish without fail.

When I spotted this peachy silk top at Shine PR’s Kate Spade shopping event a few weeks ago, it was love at first sight. I practically snatched the last one off the shelf, holding it close to me for an hour while I ate specialty marshmallows and tried to talk myself out of trying it on. Of course the marshmallow plan only lasted so long, and soon enough I was in the fitting room snapping selfies in what had already become my new favourite top. As soon as I slipped it over my head, I knew there was no way it wasn’t coming home with me. Savings and financial responsibilities aside, sometimes you just have to say yes to the flamingo.

Oh and full disclosure: I’ve barely taken it off since. A worthy investment? I think so!







Flamingo top by Kate Spade, Shorts via LOFT, Bag via Theit, Shoes Via. Loly in the Sky.

Photos by Johanna Martin

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  • I am also totally obsessed with that top (and the whole flamingo collection)! I wanted everything right when it came out, but settled for just the ring, which is ridiculous but also amazing. I just ordered the top the other day, though, so I’m super excited. It looks perfect with your pink hair!

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