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A Slight Shift in Temperature


It seems to be finally getting to that point in the year when it starts to, slowly but surely, warm up! Though I still wouldn’t call the shift we’re having “Spring weather” yet by any means, the temperature has crept up closer to zero, which means I can finally go get my bike tuned up, start dreaming of my plans for the yard, and most importantly, wear different clothing!

Because this winter has been so long and harsh, I’ve pretty much been wearing the same thing for 5 months. Winter survival has been paramount, so everyday I’ve really had no option but to wear my big trusty Marc by Marc Jacobs parka and my super warm waterproof Paul Brody boots. It hasn’t been the cutest season for me, but I’ve been warm.

Now that it’s a bit warmer outside though, I’ve been able to slowly (and tentatively) try wearing old favourites again. I ventured out in my beloved teddy bear coat the other day, and though I think it was actually a bit too cold still for the switch, it felt so good to be out in something different.

Please hurry Spring, I’m so ready for you!








Hair bow from Bergdorf’s, Earrings from Bicyclette, Sunglasses by Karen Walker, Purse by Hoi Bo, Coat, socks and trousers from H+M, Sweater by ACNE, Collared shirt by It’s OK My Dear, Booties from Topshop

Photos by Brianne Burnell

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