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Getting around on my own with a newborn this winter was no easy task. Summer was born during a long week of constant snowstorms and unbelievably cold temperatures, and save for the odd few warmer Spring days her entire life so far has basically been a winter wonderland. I had to figure out early on how to keep her safe and warm, and a big part of that strategy was our tools to get around!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew it was time to get serious about investing in a practical car. I’m not great with TTC (and TTC isn’t great for strollers), newborns can’t really ride on bikes, and exclusively walking just wasn’t going to cut it in -30 temperatures. The only car I’ve ever owned was a Mini Cooper, and though it was super cute it definitely wouldn’t have been the best to load up with baby gear and an 80 pound dog.

This time around I decided to go with a Nissan Rogue from Sherway Nissan. After doing a ton of research it seemed like the best and most affordable fit for my growing family – all wheel drive, back up camera and blind spot sensors were just some of the safety features that caught my eye. I was SO overwhelmed by the idea of signing a lease, but the team at Sherway Nissan was so kind and helpful and really sold me on the car’s features. They even have someone to help you install your car seat correctly if needed!

With my ultimate mom ride ready to go, I hit the road!

Next up I had to get the car winter-ready for baby Summer’s arrival. Winter tires are a must in a Canadian city like Toronto where the conditions can go from bad to worse quick! I opted for Bridgestone Blizzak tires, a high performance tire that’s designed to maintain grip in even the coldest of climates. I immediately felt a big difference when they were installed, and they were a total life saver (literally) when I had to get my precious cargo to the midwives or grocery store in the icy weeks following her birth.

The perfect car seat was also really high on my priority list. I knew I needed something really light so I could carry Summer in it easily on my own, and comfort was key because I knew we’d likely spend a lot of time on the road running errands or taking day trips. There are SO many options out there, but I went for the Nuna Pipa Lite carseat – weighing just over 5 pounds, it’s the lightest seat on the market! Summer has loved car rides from day one, and I largely credit it to how comfortable, soft, and well designed this car seat is. The only catch is it cannot be used without the base, so it is a bit heavier to travel on plane rides with, but being able to carry her from shop to shop easily when we’re in town outweighs packing a larger checked bag with the base for me.

Scroll down for more!

Every city baby needs the perfect city stroller, and the Bugaboo Fox has been totally key for us when it comes to getting around town. The big wheels were amazing in the snow and ice, and have proven themselves in the muddy Spring trails of High Park the past few weeks too! We’re currently using the bassinet because Summer is too small for the upright seat, but with the help of a handy adapter it’s also easy to clip her car seat right onto the base and get rolling.

And of course we never travel anywhere without our beloved Fawn Design Diaper Bag. This bag can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag, and I got these stroller hooks so it attaches right onto the handle of the stroller for easy access. I literally use it every single day.

I’m not going to get into carriers quite yet because I’m still in the testing phase and want to do a separate post on that subject alone, but at the moment we’re using a Sakura Bloom Scout and I’m a HUGE fan. It has enough structure that it doesn’t hurt my back but it’s still soft and comfy for Summer.

Camel shirt dress (with buttons that make it perfect for nursing on the go!) via Scotch & Soda. Essential mom sunnies from Ollie Quinn.


  • Hi! I have the same car and a pipa car seat. I had trouble installing the latches. Did you do the latch installation or go the seatbelt lock route? Thanks!

    • Hey! I used the latch system with mine and didn’t have any issue – maybe reach out to the brand!

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