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It’s a well known fact that us RAOP girls are obsessed with all things floral – from treats and tea to candles and perfume, we seriously cant get enough.

DIY queen Johanna wanted to carry the the obsession over into skincare, and of course she added a bit of crystal magic to the mix in modern witch style. Here’s how she did it:

Harnessing the powers of roses and rose quartz I decided to try my hand at creating one of my favourite beauty go-to’s: Rosewater skin tonic! Since it’s Valentines month, a time of year when we could all use a little more self-love, I decided to infuse my potion with the love-drawing power of rose quartz.

What you’ll need //

1 cup Distilled water
Rose essential oil
Witch Hazel
1/4 c dried food-grade rose buds or petals
Small piece of raw rose quartz
Empty glass spray bottles

Start by boiling the rose buds or petals in distilled water in a saucepan on the stove for about 20 minutes, remove from heat and strain. Set this aside to cool completely.

*The darker the dried rose and the boiling time will effect the colouring of your final spray

Now, break up your rose quartz specimen into small pieces, place it in a plastic bag, on a hard surface use a hammer to break it up.




Place 3 or 4 pieces at the bottom of each spray bottle.

In the bowl of cooled rose water add about 4 teaspoons of witch hazel and 3-4 drops of rose essential oil and whisk. Carefully pour into the spray bottles and shake, you’ve made yourself a rosey skin soothing magic potion! Spray all over your face and neck after cleansing and before moisturizing.




Here’s some of our other favourite self-care potions:

Province Apothecary’s Lovers Oil
Witch in the Wild’s Amethyst Face Serum
Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist
Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence

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Everyone in Toronto (and Canada in general I presume) is having a tough time getting out of the bed. Since our team gets to work at home anyway, we thought we’d find a way to sweeten the deal and make our stay home club even cozier. With the help of amazing pastel sheets from Bedface and Johanna’s handiwork, we turned my bedroom into a magical escape so cozy you almost forget the weather outside is frightful.

Scroll down for instructions!


What you’ll need //

2 flat sheets (we used Bedface and we adore them!)
3 1/2″ wooden dowels (3-4 ft long)
6 screw-in hooks
Measuring tape
10-15 alligator clips (make sure they are the same size as your wooden dowels)

+ Pillows, blankets, tassel garlands and cozy details from #ShopRAOP (optional)



Instructions //

Start by using a measuring tape and level to draw 2 small x’s on the ceiling for each wooden dowel. 2 will run parallel to the edges of the bed and one will cut directly down the middle. Use 2 Hooks per dowel.

Once you have these hooks screwed into the ceiling you can cut 4 pieces of rope (each approx. 30 inches long.) Tie these 4 pieces into circles and set aside. Now cut 2 pieces each 14 inches long and tie them as well.

The 4 longer pieces will get hung on the two outer hooks and the 2 smaller pieces will hang on the middle hooks. This will give you your ‘house’ formation.

Place the wooden dowels inside the hanging hoops of rope evenly so they are sturdy. Take one sheet’s top edge and use an alligator clip to secure it’s middle to the middle of the highest wooden dowel (the centre of your fort). Work your way, scrunching and clipping as you go to either end. Repeat on the other side.



Now you have two sheets attached to the centre dowel of your fort. Gather each sheet and feed it over the outer dowel and clip in the middle and at each end to secure. Repeat on the other side.

Now add lights, tassels, pillows and blankets!







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This time of year, we’re all about gift giving. We make massive donations to a local youth shelter and treat friends to special surprises, but we wanted to do something little for you guys too. Our awesome intern Olivia designed these mega-cute RAOP holiday desktop/phone backgrounds, and we’re obsessed! We hope they bring you warmth and lots of cheer this holiday season!

Download links below

Mitten 1 //


Download it for Desktop here: +++
Download it for Mobile here: +++

Candy Cane 1 //


Download it for Desktop here: +++
Download it for Mobile here: +++

Candy Cane 2 //


Download it for Desktop here: +++
Download it for Mobile here: +++

Coffee //


Download it for Desktop here: +++
Download it for Mobile here: +++

Holly //


Download it for Desktop here: +++
Download it for Mobile here: +++

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December is the perfect month for parties and dressing up, and one event we will never miss out on is a good old Ugly Sweater Party – we just prefer to call it a Pretty Ugly Sweater Party instead! We kicked off this annual tradition by taking a trip to our favourite thrifting destination to pick out the perfect pretty sweaters, then gave them a personal twist.

There’s something so fun about browsing the many colourful racks at Value Village to find the ideal piece that you know nobody at the party will have. This year, we decided to make our knit picks even more unique by hand-stitching some holiday love. You can even find unexpected props and decor items (like pom poms and tinsel) at your local Value Village too if you’re going for a simpler “tacky” DIY, but we wanted the challenge of hand stitching this time around!

See the steps below to find out how we turned our Ugly Sweater Party pretty with the help of Value Village!



What you’ll need //

A darning needle big enough to fit your yarn
Vintage sweaters from Value Village
A chalk pencil (optional)



Think of the knit pattern as a grid and you can use simple needlepoint techniques to embroider simple phrases and images. If you don’t feel comfortable free-handing your design, you can plan it out first using a chalk pencil.

Tie a knot at one end of your yarn. Use a darning needle to come up from the back of the sweater and all the way through. Now go back in and out following along the grid of the sweater knit, you can even count the stitches to make sure you evenly space out your lines.
Make sure you don’t pull too tight after each stitch or you’re sweater will buckle. Finish your design on the backside of the sweater and tie off your yarn.




This post was sponsored, but all opinions are my own. To inquire about sponsored posts, please email 

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There’s a fabric we can’t get enough of this season, and that fabric is velvet. I’m serious, everyone on our team has been practically consumed! Velvet couches, crushed velvet knee high boots, velvet slip dresses… we want them all and we want them now!

Inspired to make an accessory that can add velvet to any outfit with minimal effort, we set out to create our very own DIY velvet chokers. We sourced the most perfect ultra soft ribbon from Mokuba in dusty pastel shades, opting for some thicker widths to get a handful of different styles. We couldn’t find the right size clasps in gold at our local jewelry supply store, so we ordered hardware online – sourcing the finishing touches was definitely the most complicated part of the whole project.

Once we had everything we needed, the rest was quick, fun, and simple as can be. Scroll down for the step-by-step:


What you’ll need //

12″ 38mm velvet ribbon (for single strap choker)
42″ 1mm velvet ribbon (for double wrap choker)
2 Clamp-style jewellery clasps per necklace (make sure its the same size as your velvet ribbon)
1 Lobster claw clasp per necklace
Jewellery pliers
Measuring Tape


Instructions //

Single Strap

1. Measure your neck and cut a piece of ribbon approximately 2cm larger than your measurement. Double check it’s a good fit, keeping in mind you can adjust the size with the closures.


2. Place the end of the ribbon inside the clasp and use pliers to pinch tight, repeat on the other end.




1. We cut our ribbon to 42 inches to wrap twice around with a bow tie closure.

2. To ensure your velvet ribbon doesn’t fray, carefully coat each end with clear nail polish.