Team RAOP has really grown into quite the little family over these past few months, and the absolute best part of the holiday season is family! Our dynamic in the office is so special because we’re all so different, but fit together perfectly. As we were dreaming up our Holiday plans this fall, we decided to have each member of the team create a gift guide filled with their favourite must-haves. The guides ended up being the perfect representation of each member- totally unique and yet somehow all very RAOP. Check out our gift guides below, and shop our picks by clicking each item directly in the photo!

P.S. friends and boyfriends take note!

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Alyssa //

For me this time of year is all about keeping cozy and enjoying life’s little luxuries. A massive knit blanket, an ultra-fancy candle, or tiny sparkling jewels can make all the difference to my mood! Add a dash of swan lake and my Christmas is complete!

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Johanna //

I normally prefer handmade gifts but this year I’ve found a few special treasures that bring everyday magic. Simple sparkly things that remind me of someone each day of the year, small opals, a cozy sweater, my morning coffee and my favourite smell – anything to infuse my daily routine with a little bit of extra magic!

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Kelsie //

The Holidays are the perfect time to round up my favourite velvets, blush-tones and sparkly things. I’m always thinking about the next excuse to wear something extra fancy before I go into candle-filled hibernation mode come January!

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Olivia //

For me, the holidays are the perfect time to shop local, particularly when it comes to finding gifts for others. There’s just something so special about finding something so personal, and niche to that persons’ interests, which is why I always try to opt for independent retailers. For myself however, it’s all about fashion first aka stocking up on items I’m otherwise too poor to buy myself (hi mom).


It’s finally starting to feel like Spring out there, which means it’s time to bring out some of my Spring staples!

First up: white tee shirts. I’m all about white t-shirts all year round, but especially during the warmer months. Currently I’m swooning over the whimsical designs of Pastel Blonde.

Next, light denim. White, pink, lavender, mint, baby blue- you name it, I have it. Super light denim is the perfect way to transition from Winter to Spring and add a bit of colour to your look.

And finally, a brand new staple…

I’m big on any excuse to get all dressed up, but sometimes it’s nice to tone it down and just get comfy. I can’t remember the last time I owned a hoodie, but shopping at CONVEY a few weeks back I came across a lightweight knit version by Standard Issue, and suddenly the gap in my wardrobe was clear. I took the “grown up hoodie” home, and I’ve been sporting it almost constantly since- I can’t wait to layer it with my leather jacket when it gets a bit warmer out!







T-shirt by Pastel Blonde, Jeans via Topshop, Glasses via Zane, Hoodie via CONVEY