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Clementine Violet Jam Chambord Mimosas

I can’t speak much to the French revolution (after all, I wasn’t around), but I do know for a fact that I want my life to look as much like Sophia Coppola’s silver screen version of Marie Antoinette as humanly possible. The treats! The fashion! The cocktails! Oh how I dream of living in a world filled with sugar and champagne… but luckily, I sort of already do!

Years ago I worked at a decadent chocolate themed restaurant in Yorkville, and that was where I fell in love with macarons, chocolate dipped candied orange peels, and Chambord. Delicately packaged in the most divine packaging, Chambord’s sweet syrupy berry flavour quickly became an essential addition to almost everything I sipped.

We also just happen to be all about brunch at RAOP Hq, and we’ll never pass up an excuse to dream up a new breakfast cocktail concoction. Introducing our Clementine Violet Jam Chambord Mimosas, aka the best darn mimosa you’ll ever sip! With a healthy dose of Chambord, a splash of champagne, fresh clementine juice, and a heaping spoonful of locally crafted confiture from Kitten and the Bear, it really doesn’t get more indulgent than this drink- especially when you pair it with french pastries! We splurged on a whole spread of glimmering goodies from Delysèes and their rich flavours made for a perfect pairing.

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Ingredients //

1oz Chambord
2oz Clementine Juice (3 large clementines = 1 cup)
2 Tbsp Kitten and the Bear Blackberry, Plum & Violet Jam
3oz Champagne to top off

Recipe //

1. Pour Chambord and clementine juice into champagne flutes. Add dollops of jam to the mix but don’t stir it up!

2. Add champagne to your glasses until they are full. Garnish with glittery straws, clementine slices, or cake of some kind (we went with macarons from Delysèes!

Craving more Chambord brunch magic? Enter their amazing ultimate brunch contest to win a trip to Las Vegas here! Plus, stay tuned for our styled Marie-Antoinette inspired Chambord brunch shoot coming later this year!







Brown-Forman Corporation, Louisville, KY, Black Raspberry 16.5%, 21+

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