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DIY Bejewelled Tights

The season for all things glittery and gleaming is coming to an end, but luckily around here that season just happens to last all year long!

Paige and I wanted to bid farewell to 2014 with a heavy dose of sparkle (big shock, I know), so we came up with a super simple DIY project that can add a bit of magic to just about any ensemble.

Perfect for New Year’s Eve, these embellished tights might just become your new favourite accessory for 2015!




What You’ll Need //

E6000 Craft Adhesive
Soft cardboard (ideally from the tights’ packaging)

1 // Try on your tights and mark the general area you want to place gems with a pencil

2 // Place the cardboard inside the tights’ legs where you’re glueing the gems to avoid glueing the fabric together.





3 // Glue the gems into place, creating whatever pattern or formation you choose

4 // Let the glue dry fully, then carefully remove the cardboard and you’re good to get your glitz on!

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