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DIY Copper Moon Floral Wall Hanging

We’re still dusting off the magic from the #RAOPmoonparty a few weeks back, and we’ve been saving this last piece of the puzzle for a rainy day. We had the pleasure of setting up our shoot in Bloom School’s amazing space – a location otherwise used for floral workshops, special events and more. Owned and operated by Becky, the mega-talented florist behind Blush and Bloom, there is always something beautiful to learn within those four walls. You can find out more about her classes here.

We had the pleasure of hosting our very own private moon-themed floral workshop to kickoff the party, and now we’re sharing Becky’s secrets with you too! All you need is copper wire, fresh blooms, ribbon, and a few other simple tools to make our Crescent Moon Floral Wall Hanging (or “swag” as some florists call it).

Scroll down to get the step-by-step!



What you’ll need //

A spool of copper wiring
Floral wire
Wire cutter
Fresh flowers

Start by cutting one length of copper wire about 5 ft long. Bend it in exactly in half and start to twist the two lengths together tightly. This will help re-enforce the shape and help you to weave in your florals. Now start to bend the wire into a crescent moon shape, hook the raw ends into the loop formed by your initial fold.

You’re ready to start adding flowers! You can add as much or as little as you want depending on how full you’d like to see your wall hanging. Using floral wire, pierce the centre of the flower’s base and weave onto your moon. Trim each stem down to about 1/2″ as you go, continue this until you’re happy with how it looks. Remember to use smaller blooms to surround larger ones to cover any exposed wire. Finish it off by tying a piece of ribbon around the top and allow it’s ties to hang down. You can hang the crescent moon on any wall or door using a simple thumb tack or finishing nail.








Photos by BKH Photography
Props provided by Homesense

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