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Dreaming of Datura

I have a lot of favourite brands that I get super excited about, but it’s not often that something new catches my attention and earns my devotion. But of course, there are always exceptions.

I discovered Datura a few weeks ago, and I’ve been completely smitten ever since. A online-only brand designed in New York and made in Barcelona, Datura’s clothing is both classic and adventurous, formal and informal. Created with a spirited, adventurous, independent woman in mind, Datura is for those who love well-crafted clothing vs. trends and fashion.

One of my favourite elements to this brand is their dedication to quality and ethical manufacturing. They frequently embark on artist collaborations, closely monitor the creation of their line, and release limited runs of collections made entirely of specialty natural fabrics. The result is an effortlessly breathtaking wardrobe of buttery silk, delicate wool, luxurious velvet, and most recently, fluffy mohair (the look book for which you’ll see in this post.)

From the oversized cotton candy sweaters to the delicate black astrology scarves, I can’t get enough of Datura, and I can promise you’ll see more from them around here very soon.





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  • It’s always so hard for me to shop ethically sourced clothing, because, well simply put, they never seem to sell anything I actually like! I’m not a fan of chunky jewelry or bangle bracelets (well, I AM, but my wrists are actually cute and dainty and I can’t bring myself to cover them up). So it’s AMAZING to see a company that is not only ethical and morally sourced, but also flat-out fabulous!!

    Word up, homegirl!

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