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Good Day Hair Shop

I pride myself on being a bit of a pastel hair expert, mostly as a result of using myself and my friends as guinea pigs over the years. I’m a total control freak, which means I’d rather mess up my own hair 15 times than let someone else mess it up for me, which is why in the past I’ve ended up with yellow bangs and green stained hair that refuses to go away.

Thank goodness there’s a new pastel pro in town that I actually trust.

Good Day Hair Shop is a brand new salon with a neat take on hair, style, and everything in-between. Basically they seek inspiration from digital channels like Tumblr and Instagram, using real life examples of cool folks to create looks in the salon. Located in Kensington Market, they offer great pricing, a fun laid back atmosphere, and they also have their own handmade, cruelty-free product line called “Unicorn Soft” shampoo and conditioner, and it legit smells like creamsicle (full review coming soon!)

I stopped into Good Day for an appointment with Gosia, one of the pink-haired stylists (almost everyone that works there has magical pastel hair btw), and left with the most incredible silvery grey to lavender Ombré bob you ever did see. I’m already dreaming up what we can do together next time I visit!






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