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Leather Pant Love

And so it begins- the dark and gloom of fall/winter is upon us, and though for the most part I stick to my typical light wardrobe colour scheme, even I embrace new textures and darker neutrals this time of year. As out of character for me as it seems, right now I can’t get enough of faux leather pants! I picked up this pair of skin-tight beauties at High Street Fashion Stores about a month ago, and ever since I was patiently waiting for the weather to cool off a bit. Funnily enough, I actually shot these pictures in the middle of an unexpected heat wave and basically cooked myself in the process. Gotta love transitional weather right?









Pants from High Street Fashion Stores, Top from Sylvie and Shimmy, Necklace from Cherry Pick, Shoes from LOFT, watch by Daniel Wellington, Phone case by Hello Harriet

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